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    Home Hardware coco is trash. Shouldn't be sold as a plant product as far as I'm concerned. This shit is maxing out my crap PPM meter that tops out at 900, and I'm not putting my good one in sea salt run off. I even hydrated the shit in R/O water( with a ppm of 25) so it's not like I introduced extra salts through my crazy garbage tap water.

    Took 12 liters to rinse out 6 - 3.5x.3.5.x3 inch seed starting pots. It was dropping about 100 +/- ppm per liter so take that as you this normal? I'm not like a Coco expert by any means but it seems crazy to me to spend money on this stuff.

    It smells like the ocean. For real. Not exaggerating at all. Smells like you're sitting on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean lol.

    Nothing will grow in it, I tried lol just to see.

    A 50liter bag of Canna is $30 and you don't need to do all this ridiculous shit to it. It's going to take hours to rinse out a full bale with Distilled unless you want to run your R/O for 24 hours for a week to get enough water to rinse an entire bale of this shit, that's more work than building an organic soil mix lol. Fuck that. I'd have to drill out the bottom of totes just so I'm not doing fucking pots 1 at a time and constantly stir the coconut so it all gets rinsed.... who does this shit?

    These come in 4-5 slab bricks I'm estimating at least 5 gallons per slab $2.50 per 5 gallon for distilled. So it's another $10-12.50 per 9.99 brick. So we're close to a pre rinsed coco product... IDK to me there's 0 reason to buy this shit.

    Unless you have lizards and need reptile bedding because this is the same quality shit I used to get when I raised leopard geckos and other reptiles.

    Checking these guys out for thrips control. Will report back. prices are reasonable. From what I've read the only thing that seems to work on these fuckers anymore is these beneficial's so I'mma check it out.
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    Spinosad based products work good on thrips although you can only get them in commercial products so ask you local green thumb. Steinernema feltiae which is in “Nemasys” or other brand names is a nematode that also works on them.

    Bug B Gone insecticide spray in veg every 3-4 days then first week in flower then maybe in 5th week will basically control most bugs. You have to be disciplined enough to keep the regiment going.

    Most coco that you'll find in hardware stores will be cheap non leeched stuff. It works ok for gardens mixed with soil but obviously not indoors.
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    Oh and Canna coco seriously is the best. Its the cheapest wholesale too as it comes from Europe and not through the US like all the other ones. Its about $3-5 cheaper wholesale.
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    thanks for the tips. Will definitely take that into consideration for future.

    Might grab something with Spinosad in it next time i'm in the USA, as they got a few options.

    I'll be grabbing some Canna this week. Screw all this other nonsense :)

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