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    Jay p123

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    I believe so but don't quote me lol.
    If I had a pile of topsoil I would add An even part mix peat moss, perlite, will give you a solid ass potting mix. Some worm castings A little bit of dolomite lime and you're golden.
    To be honest though If I had a choice between topsoil vs compost I'd obviously go with compost.
    I think top soil maybe to heavy how like mentioned adding even parts may help.

    That same topsoil if planned on using next summer I would make a compost pile out of it by throwing your greeen box waste in it over the winter. Find a live bait shop and buy a like 4 packs of worms or more and throw in pile. ( your a fisherman so I'm sure you know where to grab some worms instead of digging them up lol )
    It won't really break down during winter, however come march, April it will do its thing and be ready for June 1.
    When it comes to PH I let the Dolomite lime do its thing. No need for a ph pen. imo
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    Farmer.J Well-Known Member

    Good plan, I will have to come back to this thread in the spring so I can review it again before I get set up.

    DIY-HP-LED Well-Known Member

    Home Hardware has good quality coco coir blocks and the local farmers coop often has nutes and other gardening supplies. is also a good source of DIY things like drivers COBs and other light building stuff.
    Local metal supply places like machine shops sell aluminum extrusions in various profiles useful for DIY light building.

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    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    Can anyone confirm if GTA Seedbank is trust worthy?
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    bigmanc Well-Known Member

    I’ve only bought in person, I got my seeds they got there money. Original breeders packs.
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    redi jedi

    redi jedi Well-Known Member

    I've used them many times, never had a problem. Seeds always in breeder packaging.

    CannaReview Well-Known Member

    I'm in the process of setting up a couple Canadian online shops, have no desire to ship to the US at all. I think to get this off the ground faster one will be nutrients only ie brand name stuff GH,AN, Canna, powders ie Jacks Pro/Plant Prod broken down per 1kg amounts and raw chamicals for anyone doing their own mixes, this is also to hit up aquarium/planted tank guys. The other will be full shop but I'm still evaluation which software to use.

    Normally I'd use Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce/Ubercart but Drupal 8 being so much more complicated and the upgrade path looks like it sucks and me having no desire to do my own dev work anymore gonna go with something more easy out of the box and then get someone to do custom stuff that I don't want to do lol. Only thing with Drupal is you can get very creative in connecting reviews, forum and article writes ups to the product and vice versa. So anytime someone writes a forum post they can select the product that they are talking about and it'll be shown at the bottom of their forum post with a buy button or link to the product page. That post then can be shown on the product page. So lots of interactivity for the user. Only thing is getting it working on phones is a pain in the ass setting up responsive designs, fuck things were SO much easier with out smart phones lol.

    The nutrient only site should take me 4-5 days as it wont be big, once I get a business bank account and merchant account mon/wed I'll repost back.

    Brewery Well-Known Member

    Yes they are.
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    cannadan Well-Known Member

    I can second that about GTA...very good company.
    closed their retail outlet a few years ago...but are supposedly still on the web..
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    Jay p123

    Jay p123 Well-Known Member

    Yep closed retail store.
    Meet ups available on 300 plus orders in Gta
    Shipping anywhere.
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    Canadian Farmer

    Canadian Farmer Well-Known Member

    Online grow shop in Ontario
    Carry lots of gear even have the HLG-550 lights
    Canadain Closet Gardener

    Canadain Closet Gardener Well-Known Member

    Can't edit the main list anymore
    Here is the update.

    Canadian Suppliers

    Organics, Soil and Amendments I've ordered from here. I've ordered from here. I've ordered from here.
    I get Rice my hulls here.
    Millenniumsoils Coir
    Home Harware is great too for compost and worm castings. Free shipping to your local store.

    Organics, Soil and Amendments Locally sourced
    British Columbia
    Fort Langley BC
    Lake Cowichan
    Berwick ON, Morrisburg ON and Sebringville ON
    Ottawa Area

    Online Grow Shops I've ordered from here a few times.

    Canadian LED Manufactures LED light manufacturer located in Ontario

    Canadian Manufatures

    RIU Canadian Members who make and sell lights

    Seeds I've used this one I've used this one

    Drop shipping to the border and mail forwarding I've used this one. is a great place to find stuff. Just do a search for "Grow" or "Hydroponis"

    If I missed anyone please post a link and I'll add it
    Canadain Closet Gardener

    Canadain Closet Gardener Well-Known Member


    Pendragon Well-Known Member

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    bongmaster_m Active Member

    Ive shopped at a couple times. I think they are from Mississauga. Only place Ive found in canada that will ship 4l bottles of isopropyle 100% with reasonable ahipping charges.
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    Jay p123

    Jay p123 Well-Known Member

    Just wondering what they charge per 4l ?
    I get mine in the woodbine and steeles area.
    15 bucks per 4l bottle. Maybe I’m getting ripped lol.
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    Canadain Closet Gardener

    Canadain Closet Gardener Well-Known Member

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    Jay p123

    Jay p123 Well-Known Member

    Wow that’s almost a bottle more lol.
    I get it 4 in a box for 60 or 15 each.
    I needed a few boxes or more so needed to find cheap.

    If anyone needs ISO I have it for $20.99 a bottle LOL.. JK

    CannaReview Well-Known Member

    In the GVRD for RIU folks I can do $100 tax in for 20L/16kg
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