Canadian patient needing help from the states

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Patients' started by sezar29, Apr 23, 2018.


    sezar29 Active Member

    Hi guys, I have been using cannabis for what ails me.. but it s costing too much to buy from Canadian licences producers, so I have been trying to grow with so so success.

    Sooo.. I have been doing quite a bit of online research and decided that my next best step is to buy this grow boss book.. I really relate to the information he gives out on his online live chats on the weekend

    Problem is that he doesn't ship to Canada.. I am looking for a "middleman" in the states that the book could be deliver to, and then this Good Samaritan could ship to me.

    All costs would obviously be covered by myself and a little extra for the help from a fellow grower.

    Thanks in advance!

    A grateful new grower!


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