Can you harvest all of the flower, and then reveg?

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    *edited* - changed once I was told about the term Reveg

    I'm in a rather specific situation; I have a plant that I want to keep and I am in the process of taking cuttings and then harvesting seeds in a separate area, but that will take a little while. I would like to keep this exact plant I have if possible as the mother (until those seeds are in hand and ready to go) while also being able to harvest her in 2.5-3 months, when she is ready..

    Is this possible to harvest all of her flower, and then put her back in reveg? I've never done anything other than cut the whole plant down & take a cutting to keep the strain going.. so this is new to me entirely. But this Romulan I have is exceptional, not to mention hard to find strain wise. So I want to make sure I can keep her alive, until I can get those seeds (I have a separate grow, forcing into male to collect the pollen, then I am going to pollinate another cutting to harvest seeds).
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    Ginger Viking

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    Reveg is the term you are looking for.
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    did the plant hermie on u, cause that's the way ur desribing it. yes u can rotational harvest and reveg...
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    you can't cut the whole plant down and keep it going, no, you'd have to leave a good 30% or so of the green growth after cutting it down to harvest it to be able to re-veg it..
    if you were to reveg it, i doubt you'd be harvesting it again in 2.5 months time as you' just cut basically 70% of it's growth when harvested, and it'd take some time for it to go back into veg mode from flowering to start the process over again..
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    Thank you :)

    No, it did not hermie.. Not sure how I described it that way? I have a Romulan plant going, wonderfully. I want to keep her, get seeds from her, harvest her, etc..

    And thank you! Reveg, rotational harvest are things I have never really even been exposed to. Ill look into it.

    Thank you. I am planning on its initial harvest in 2.5 months, not again after the initial in another 2.5 months.. I'd need to veg longer for sure.

    When you say leave 30% of green growth.. that really points to my main question, can I harvest all of her flowers, leaving only the leaves below and reveg? Im growing in scrog, so this way would be quite easy if its possible.

    Im planning on looking up revegging, and rotational harvesting.. but thank you all for the help and steer in the right direction. :)
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    Potmetal Well-Known Member

    I grew a silver widow last year. Chopped it down and disregarded a few VERY small leaves near the base of the stalk. I had to depart for about 2 weeks so I chucked it into a cloning tent to deal with when I returned. The lights (small LED) were apparently off timer and left on for two weeks while I was gone.. I was kinda shocked when I got home and seen she was busting leaves all over. She was an ugly bitch veging out that second time. But she yielded about 20% more the second go around. If you're gonna do it, be prepared. The grow funky, really funky. Honestly, it looked like it was beaten with a hatchet all the way through the second veg. Branches formed all over the fucking place. Personally, it was neat to see, but I would not recommend unless abso necessary.

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