Can the "little guys" open a dispensary in AZ

Discussion in 'Arizona Patients' started by mjt1265, Apr 14, 2016.


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    Hey guys, Im a newer AZMMJ card holder. Ive been "self medicating" for years just procrastinated on getting my card for a number of reasons primarily because I did not like the idea of going to a dispensary to purchase their subpar product at a high rate just to support some rich asshole behind the scenes who in all actuality doesn't give to shits about our community.

    The reason I got my card recently is that AZ is accepting new applications for dispensaries this summer, and they no longer require the 150k in liquid assets. Now Im not rich by any means but I do have some family members that are willing to help. I have a lifelong friend in WA that has a rec license and grew in Mendo CA for years. So I have a leg up as far as that goes.

    My question is it even possible for us little guys to open a state licensed dispensary here in AZ? Or am I just dreaming? Our state is in desperate need of a quality dispensary that provides a high quality product at a compassionate price. We need a dispensary that actually cares about its patients and community. And lets be honest if I can legally sell weed, genuinely help people and provide for my family at the same time, that seems like a dream come true!

    3p527+157mon New Member

    Well I think you are dreaming, because it is still a lottery process, and as soon as you open up, one of the big dogs will buy you out with an offer you can't refuse.

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