Can someone tell me the problem of my plant

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    Twizzygreenthumz Member

    Plant seems to be growing weird. Can someone tell me what is wrong

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    Sneex Active Member

    Wont let me open the file on this Nokia Lumia windows phone.. Whats going on with it exactly?? Try hitting full size after selecting the photo and it has 3 options right before u post the picture.. It says thumbnail full size and something else which isn't coming to mind atm but try that so I can see the baby and this is my baby I got handed this plant early this morning.. I gotta bring her back to good health before its to late..

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    Vicarious1989 Member

    I recommend changing substrate can try with very good Floragard brand and is already paid, only water during the first month grow stronger and thicker stems, luck

    dynospec Well-Known Member

    i realize this is old as fuck, so the information is probably pretty irrelevant now but it looks a bit over watered, try watering a bit less a little more often till the roots are established enough that the plant can drink more

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