Can I start flushing a day or two after I watered in soil?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by bud man jay, Feb 20, 2018.

    bud man jay

    bud man jay Well-Known Member

    I was having some issues with how I should start counting my flowering days at first bud sites or flip (12-12)? I have a 9-10 week strain and a 10 week strain I'm finishing. It took me 10-14 days to see first bud sites. Im at day 65 from flip and 55-59 from first bud sites. I watered them with a light feeding, but not a flush two days ago. When should I start flushing them? These strains are new to me. I've never finished them before.

    Tiffj Well-Known Member

    I start counting from seeing the first signs of pistils! I’d say let the soil dry out before flushing dude!!

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    if you jammed nutrients into the soil right up to the end no amount of flushing will make the plant better.
    Reduce your input of nutrients before harvest, skip a feeding or two even. water when dry only.
    bud man jay

    bud man jay Well-Known Member

    ok cool thanks guys...
    bud man jay

    bud man jay Well-Known Member

    Do you start to count from the first site of pistils?

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    yes, when it shows pistils, she's now in the flowering cycle and will continue under 12/12
    Capt. Trips

    Capt. Trips Well-Known Member

    It's a good idea to know roughly when your plants have started flowering, and to keep track of how long it's taking your plants to finish in your setup.

    But if you're growing a strain that the breeder says is a ten week strain, I think a lot of people would stress to you the importance of NOT harvesting your plants based on how long they've been flowering. Breeders grow their plants in ideal setups with perfectly dialed-in conditions. Nothing against you, but I'd bet your setup is nowhere near as fine-tuned as theirs are. I know mine sure isn't, and of all the strains I've grown since I started, not one has finished in the time the breeder said it would.

    So all I'm saying is harvest when the plants are actually ready, which will likely not be 10 weeks after they've started flowering.
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    weedlov3r New Member

    I think so

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