Can beneficial bacteria burn your plants?

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    Ok so i decided to try recharge and it came in the mail yesterday. Dosed my plants per directions on the back at 1 ts per gallon. This morning I woke up to spots on my fan leaves that look very similar to this pic. Not quiet as bad but this is the closest pic i could find. This literally happened overnight to all the plants i used the recharge on. Now on the package it says "will not burn plants at any dosage fed" so i did 1 ts per gallon and now i have spots on my fan leaves on EVERY plant i used it on. My question is, can it burn your plants because this problem didnt exist yesterday and today it does. I cannot find anything on the net pertaining to beneficial bacteria burning your plants.... Like i said the spots are similar to the ones in this pic but not quite as big and dont look like they have damaged the leaf.... Yet : (

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    ps... this happened on vegging and blooming plants

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    max316420 Well-Known Member

    This literally happened within hours after using recharge

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    totally Niave of you to beleive this sales crap...but hey how'd you know?

    Recharge is our all-in-one, natural growth stimulant powered by our proprietary living soil microbe package.

    It is intended to be used as a soil amendment to establish colonies of beneficial bacteria in horticultural systems.

    Recharge is a Bio-Fertilizer and can be used in BOTH ORGANIC & CHEMICAL PRODUCTION

    to make any fertilization program more efficient and much more effective.

    Vegetative Plants = Use 1 tsp per gallon of water / nutrient solution, once a week.


    Save these babes right now and dump them to a bath or large tub of air temp ph'ed water

    allow to sit stirring and washing the roots for 30 minutes

    then allow to sit for 5 mins in low light to drain

    then pot up with freash soil and 50% perlite to add air to that soil

    water very little..or only when limp in about 2 hours

    keep in low light warm temps fror 8 hours or over night

    the real issue here is very low soil in the pot the first place

    next grow

    consider organics

    good luck

    ps ..its nute burn
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    This guy could be right because he has grown a lot longer than I have, that said I think you might also consider checking a nute lockout. I however grow in hydro and can instantly flush my nutes and roots and fix my issues as fast as they started


    Experienced this a few times with her.

    Got some of this

    Boom cleared right up. (By this I mean didnt spread more) those leaves did end up dying obviously so they were chopped. Cant be much different right? Says it works on all mediums

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    The leaf crinkly looks like acidic ph symtoms to me not sure on the spotting im too busy to use my brain files :)
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    I see very little actual nute burning. Would you agree?

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    Doesnt look like nute burn to me looks like low ph as far as the leaf crinkles as i have had similar happen when i let my hydro setup get too acidic like in the 4s

    The spots no clue id ihave to look at a deficiency chart :) some stuff that i memorize just evaporates in time
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    did you water the leaves with it and that is where the spots appeared? I haven't seen anything pop up that bad that fast before.
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