Can bell peppers pollinate hot peppers?

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Giddy up, Sep 3, 2017.

    Giddy up

    Giddy up Well-Known Member

    IMG_1790.JPG Might be a stupid question but...I have some poblanos and yellow bell peppers growing amongst each I noticed some of my poblanos turning a golden green color, when my poblanos have always started turning black about now...did my poblanos get knocked up by a bell pepper? Is that possible? Apologies for the shitty pic
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    thick sticky sock

    thick sticky sock Member

    has the plant been near smoky quartz?

    ANC Well-Known Member

    if it was it would only affect the seeds, not the fruit from the flower.
    Giddy up

    Giddy up Well-Known Member

    Not that I know of...there is a lot of quartz in the ground here and half of my soil mix is native dirt...what does that mean?
    Giddy up

    Giddy up Well-Known Member

    that makes sense

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Redder is gooder :P
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    Giddy up

    Giddy up Well-Known Member

    I agree, I was just wondering why they skipped the black're right though the red is coming out more than the gold now
    A.K.A. Overgrowem

    A.K.A. Overgrowem Well-Known Member

    Means sand. Good drainage, poor nutes.

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    Same genus. Different species. Probably won't happen by itself. Two species of the same genus can be crossed and it does happen all the time in nature. The cross would be denoted by an x after the genus name and the hybrid would be named for the person who hybridized it, for example Capsicum x 'Pinworm'. Hope that helps.
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    i've grown habaneros, banana peppers, green peppers and jalapenos all right next to each other, and have never seen any kind of hybrids.
    maybe if i kept some of the seeds and grew them out i might get some mutants, but they won't grow half jalapenos / half green peppers
    from pollinating each other
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    Poontanger Well-Known Member

    Yep ANC, is on the money
    & if it was a cross pollination & U kept some seed & planted it out , it would not produce a stable strain , it would fly off everywhere, in regards , shape ,size , color & so on
    Example , 1 year I used a male flower from a yellow squash & pollinated a black jack zuchinni, let the zuchinni fully mature & collected seed, all 4 seeds I grew the following season were all different shapes & colors , 1 bush even produced a round fruit , of lime green color

    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    back up top..
    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    The seeds can be crosses. And when it's a hot pepper to a mild one, the hotter seeds can be tasted.

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