California Medical Plant limit?

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    So, I live in Cali, and as you all know it's now legal. Prior to being legalized, I've been a medical patient for the past 6 years.
    Not only that, but due to the legal plant limits of my county and medical licenses, I can grow 6 immature, and 6 mature plants per recommendation. From there, I would have others i know sell me their recommendation aka "plant limit", as well as everyone in my house hold get a medical license, and put me as their care giver, legally raising my plant limit 6 mature, 6 immature per.

    Now, I am curious as to where I, and a lot of others I know stand now? One of my good buddies was literally but out of business, and he didn't say much as to why... I currently haven't had the funds to be in contact with my lawyer over this, but I'm assuming it had to do with the legal plant limits? Due to the nature, I didn't want to prey into his business if he didn't express it freely..

    Anyways, to the point... I am curious to the legal abilities of a medical patient and above all else medical GROWER in 2017? Has anything been passed yet? I have read things here and there, but nothing concrete.. Everyone I've talked to says they haven't stated anything specific yet. I Figured a perfect question to ask the greatest minds in the world. RIU!
    Any help of information is greatly appreciated, thanks!

    ÉsÇ420PoT™ Well-Known Member

    Nobody? I guess when I renew my License here in the next few days they should have some info about it. I'll be sure to post it here for any curious Californians.
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    right now state law is 100 sq ft per patient, no limit on plants, ok to have 5 patient cooperative to do 500 sq ft without regulation

    local jurisdictions are free to restrict this, but in absence of local policy, thats the deal

    keep in mind its still federally illegal so 50+ plants can trigger mandatory minimums, etc

    ÉsÇ420PoT™ Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much!

    backtracker Well-Known Member

    Depends on what county you are in they have different laws the county I'm in band all outdoor growing now it's indoors or greenhouse.
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    Depends on your city ordinances... If you are outside of city limits then it depends on county ordinances. Neither are allowed to restrict the allowance of 6 plants.

    Im not 100% sure on this but I believe medical patients can still do 100sq ft but I think ultimately it boils down to what your city allows.
    lucy daniels

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    Medical marijuana users have a growing limit of 500 square feet of marijuana plants, as long as they are caregivers to up to 5 patients.

    You need not register themselves with state of CA to consume medical marijuana or to grow it. The only thing the patient needs is a medical recommendation from a qualified doctor. If the patient is receiving assistance from a caregiver who will handle the medical cannabis, then the caregiver and the patient has to register with the MMP. You have to complete an application and get approval. Documents required in the entire process include a proof of residence, a photo ID and your medical records.
    For further information, visit the Cannabis Training Center.


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