Cali fire, everyone okay?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Cannabis.Queen, Dec 5, 2017.


    Cannabis.Queen Well-Known Member

    Just reaching out to anyone in LA, Santa Barbra; I feel for you and we are here for you if you!

    If you had to evacuate I hope you're all safe and well
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    doublejj Well-Known Member

    My grow partner & I narrowly escaped the raging NorCal fires earlier this year. He went home to Venture for the winter & now his condo is right in the crosshairs of this fire.....praying for u 'Beachball':(
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    Cannabis.Queen Well-Known Member

    Oh shit, I'm so sorry :/ my heart goes out to all those affect by this horrible wildfire:/
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    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    I messaged Tdub a while ago. He said they are in the clear for now.

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