cali connection tahoe og kush

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  1. any input on tahoe og i have a mother of it and 9 clones in veg for my next run after my ghost og x tangerine kush finish in a couple weeks. does it strech much and is the flowering time of about 9 weeks correct .?

    this is the ghost og x tangie

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    I have gotten some great phenos from Tahoe OG, but I have also gotten some poor phenos. The great phenos are definitely worth pheno hunting. Big glossy dark green leaves are what you want to look for to keep.
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  3. great thanks :blsmoke: my keeper mother has big fat dark leaves and is short and stout i haven't flowered her clones yet they are in veg a couple more weeks but when you rub them stem she is very gas smelling .:weed: hope shes a good one

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    I'm currently runirun the Buddha Tahoe by Cali connection... Does anyone know how this compares to their Tahoe OG Kush??

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    How did these finish up?

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