Calcium Hypochlorite [Ca(ClO)2] dosage

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    i mixed up some homebrew clear rez last year, fortunately i wrote 1g/gal on the bottle. If i recall, this was basically a concentrate and cant remember what the safe dosage is for cloner and/or ebb and flow res.


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    great, thanks for sharing

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    if you don't want to make a stock solution, the formula is 0.10 g/10 gallons for 1ppm free chlorine. i ran at 3ppm with no issue. up to 5ppm is safe for humans and plants.

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    What's the benefit of Cal. Hyp. over H2O2? Cost?

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    They are both oxidizing agents, but yeah Calcium Hypochlorite is cheap.

    - Jiji
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    i had great results this time. cloner plants getting root callouses on day 8, changing res today,in the cloner those were all 4-node big tops i took (~3/16" stems) because i wanted the clones obviously,and also to force branching

    while stripping nodes on the clones i took the smallest branches off those tops (~3/32" diameter 2-3 nodes), and threw them in root riots. along with some bottom suckers of the same size off the same plants, also into root riots. im seeing the first roots out of those today as well on day 8

    after having almost 100% success rates cloning into rockwool under 15" T12 going back 20 years, a few years ago i suddenly started to suck at cloning.

    i think the biggest difference with this one is stronger light. i put the clones just off to the side of the same veg light and actually measured the light, they are enjoying 80-150 ppfd and throwing roots early before any rot can get a hold. and just being mindful of all the aspects, super sterile technique, temp and humidity, etc.

    i also SOAKED all stems in dip and gro (20:1 dilution) for 30 seconds to a minute to really let the hormones penetrate, just developed a technique that while im prepping the next one, i have a clone soaking in solution instead of a quick dip

    i really think the stronger light was the biggest factor. its a race against time to get them roots and out of that humid mold-prone environment

    never to old to (re)learn i guess. my last clone job before this was a disaster because the light was 25-50 ppfd and i lost way too many to mold before i could get roots. maybe 20% success so i rallied to get it together this time,

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    is that accounting for the ~60% strength of the Ca(Cl0)2?
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    yep, based on HTH pool shock %.

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