Cal/Mag Deficiency?

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    Hi all,

    Thank you for your help!

    Could you please share your insights on these plants?

    Coco & GH nutes.

    Plants had minor leaf browning so I thought it was nute burn. I FLUSHED them 3x pot volume with plain ph'd water then gave them 1/4 strength nutes, upped it to 1/2 and now moving towards full. I was told I likely had Cal or Mag def, so I started using Cal/Mag (even though these plants are on well water ~140 out of ground).

    Running feed pH at ~5.7.

    Some people say nute burn, so I flush it. (these dark rust spots developed after doing so)

    Others say Calcium or Mag deficient... (started adding cal/mag but isn't getting much better so I'm at a loss).

    THANK YOU! image1.jpeg image2.jpeg

    chris42393 Well-Known Member

    From what i read (whether is true or not idk, im new as well lol) root aphid damage can mimic cal/mag deficiency. When did you start adding the cal/mag? It definitely does look like its a cal/mag problem.

    frizfrazjaz Well-Known Member

    Your ppm’s sound good at 140. I wish my water was that. Are you sure you’re not root bound?

    ScoobyDoo90 Well-Known Member

    I would think Cal/Mag, i usualy sprink just like a crushed up tablespoon of epsom salt into a 2 litr, and water with that just once, and it usualy takes care of it the whole rest of life,
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