Cal-Mag and Botanicare KIND

What is a good feeding schedule for Cal-Mag for soil grow?

Also I'm using Botanicare KIND trio for nutrients, I'm also growing in FFOF soil. I need a feeding schedule and amounts per gallon for these?



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Try low dose's first so you don't burn. When you use the base go equal parts calmag. So try for small plants 5ml calmag, 5ml base and say 10ml grow for a veg plant that is a good 12" tall. Ppm and ph is usually most important. The kind line is good, just remember sometimes less is more.


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Botanicare Kind Trio does not need cal mag. That is its main marketing point.

the calcium and nitrogen is in the base. And the rest of the nutrients are in the grow and bloom. That way if you use tap water you can lower the base to compensate.

I used it with pro mix and happy frog. Go real easy with the ocean forest. My plants go 6 weeks in veg under t-5's with water only. I would start with 25% of the directions on the bottle after a few weeks flowering if you transplant up or when the plant shows some need. I never got past about 66% of the directions mix even with a fully mature flowering plant.

It is really good stuff. It's a hybrid with some seaweed extract in it. Great results possible.