Ca deficiency?

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    My auto is showing some deficiency, I think it's Ca? Rusty and dried tips on the leaves. Last week she was totally healthy. Feed is the same as last week, 2ml Ca (1-0-0 which has 3% Ca) and 2ml Sensi bloom A/B (5-4-8 which has 2% Ca). Right now I bumped Ca to 3ml and base nute is the same at 2ml.
    She's 3 weeks from finish.

    Growing in coco under DIY COBs, temp is 22-30°C and RH is 50-60%.
    Maybe I have too much light there? Last week I increased it to 220W at wall (so driver is around 30W), I have 80x80cm tent, so around 30W/SQF or 26-30 MOL.

    Also maybe could @Randomblame come in, please?


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