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    First off you don't need co2 for veg, but if you meant for your flower room. Ok put 3 in the top box, 3 in the next and 8 in the next , ect...when you get to desired amount leave it at 1500. leave the next box alone (300). The final box is the big deal. Dispersion time. this is how fast your exhaust fan is sucking out the hot air. Ideally you want a sealed room with air cooled lights that the air only cools the bulbs with out pulling air from your enriched environment. Then your co2 level will stay high without using up your tank too fast. But that is why they have the last calculator. My cab replaces the air in about 2 mins. I have a 3x1.5x5 flower cab. It works out to about a .041 flow rate. 15mins on 15 off when the lights are on all through flower. My 20 lb tank lasts about 6 weeks. They make simple co2 test tubes to make sure your levels are good.



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    I have a 10x12x8 room 960 sq ft. Have 12 plants in full bloom in a sealed room and I have my regulator set at 1 1/2 CFH and it will maintain 1500 ppm of co2 leaving regulator on during the light cycle. I must manually set the room at 1500 ppm at the start of light cycle.

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    What size Co2 tank are you running in the groww room and how long it lasts 20 lb ??/

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    hell i dont use co2 and my ladys r looking realy nice i have thought of using it but i dont thaink i will

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    thanks for the share bro! good things man..

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    Im new around here and was gonna ask about the true benefits and that sells it. xD

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    Can any one point out dangerous factors of using co2 ? What actually causes explosions ?

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    So best use for co2:
    - sealed location/tent
    - have a co2 controller and at least 1 co2 monitor
    - system runs during the Lights On cycle and regulates about 1500ppm of co2
    -co2 gets pumped in, blown by osi fans over the grow
    - exhaust fan will only kick on when temp > 26C; efficiently limiting loss of co2

    Am I missing anything?

    I was thinking the largest secret jardin II lined with g3 wrap on the outside(or maybe on the walls of the room itself). AC to regulate the exhaust temp ( which shouldn't be much with using LEDs Astir design)


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    Here's a better solution that we learned in a Colorado greenhouse.

    It turns out that all plants, fruits, flowers and vegetables respire and produce ethylene gas, which is considered a ripening hormone in fruits, vegetables and flowers. Some consider ethylene as the Death Hormone since it triggers senescense and makes plants grow old and yellow and drop leaves. The more it grows, the more ethylene it produces. This Colorado greenhouse tested their enclosed greenhouse and installed an ethylene filtering device which is designed to protect flowers (roses) from ethylene in flower greenhouses.

    The effect was impressive, in 1 month there was an increased growth of 400% where the ethylene filter was installed compared to where the filter was not present (not 4%, not 40%, 400% in only 1 month). The reason is that the bad ethylene gas gets irreversively oxidized and converted into beneficial Carbon Dioxide which is part of the photosynthesis:

    Water+Carbon Dioxide+Light produces Glucose (nutrients)

    I saw it in Colorado that the CO2 is beneficial and was produced directly from the same environment. By taking the bad gas (ethylene) and turning into a good one (CO2) the plants are extremely happy and vigorous, which is exactly what happens with the roses.

    The effect was exponential, the more the plants grow, the more ethylene they produce that is converted into CO2 and the more and more the plants keep growing, with more branches, leaves and larger flowers. leaves, more nutrients, more production, less cost to produce.

    Watch the difference in the left (ethylene filter) vs. the right (no ethylene filter) after only 1 month:

    View attachment 2477527 With Ethylene Filter (1 month) - converting ethylene to CO2 from the existing environment.

    View attachment 2477528 Without ethylene Control (1 month)

    Does anybody have a similar experience like this that can be posted and validated?

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    yeah this will help alot of people.

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    Ok im not an expert & im in the middle of my first grow with co2 but ive been through a lot already, trying to get it right. Ive finally dialed everything in & let me tell you if your thinking about it or not growing with it, then im sorry but your just not growing !!! Cant say enough good things about co2. & its not expensive if you know where to look. My 20lbs tank-$50 used. Dont buy new (gonna exchange for full one anyway & thats $20). Titan 7 co2 sniffer-$150 open box deal on eBay(gotta get a sniffer.Damn trying to calculate. Too many factors to each room.)Trust me, $ well spent.LOL set it & forget it. Co2 regulator-$40 on eBay all day long.(dont be scared about price. They hold up & work great.) Then about $5 for some airhose & BAMMM, your growing with co2. Now with that said you must seal your room, have a fan running so you can lift the co2 in your room (because with no air flow co2 will sit on the ground),& again you MUST SEAL YOUR ROOM !!!! My 20lbs tank will last me a month at 1500 ppm & thats with one clean air scrub while lights are on & fans keep room scrubed while lights are off because your plants do not eat co2 at night, they produce it. They want fresh air when the lights go off. If your using more than 20lbs every 2 weeks then you need to do some room sealing because its leaking & thats a waste of $ & effort. Your probably gonna need a dehumidifier too because them girls with co2 will sweat !!! Had my room go from avg. 35%h to 85%h & you cant keep exchanging air from inside to outside because you would keep losoing co2 & thats a "bad" thing. They will also be able to take heat like a champ. Shit I really dont think you can burn the damn things when there on that stuff. Also 1500ppm of co2 in a room will not kill you. LOL, it might make you a lil tired but wont kill you & LOL again, its not flammable. This is the same stuff thats in beer to make it bubble. We drink this shit guys !!! (HELLO). I know this post is old but still might answer someones Q`s. So happy growing !!!

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    [​IMG]exhale co2 bags will cover small area for about 3 months for about 24 bucks

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    I make those for fun, and fruit them in various fruiting chambers.

    ...but I have not been able to convince myself that they will raise
    CO2 levels appreciably, given the amount of air that I am ramming
    through my tent.

    I could hang 3 or four of these from a couple of the side of my tent
    without blocking activity too much.

    Can anyone comment on the effect of using these, and the number
    and space that were used?



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