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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Joshc92, Jan 21, 2018.


Are these mites?

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    Joshc92 Member

    Need help to us whatever these are, small black dots under leaves. One looked like a black triangle, new growth is yellow. Help plz I took pic with magnifying app on phone I don't have a strong enough microscope yet.


    PopTop Well-Known Member

    actually it looks like a dead 1, when I sprayed my plants that is what the dead 1's look like. If you have a jeweler's Loup or anything that magnifies, look under the leaves of the bottom of the plant cause that's where they start and work their way up, look close in the area that your picture shows, where the leaf starts at the stem and you should see eggs with a few mites crawling around, I can't see clear enough but I think those are eggs going up the stem of that leaf. Captain Jack's is what I use, it's organic and kills on contact, problem is with mites from what I've read is, if you don't get them all the first time they grow a resistance to what your using, a lot of websites I've googled about mites say you should change up on your treatment, like using a bleach solution 1TBSP bleach to 1 gallon of water sprayed on top of leaves and underneath including stems and stalks, spray some on the soil or what ever your using, then next application use 1 part of alcohol to 9 parts water again sprayed, I like using Captain Jacks cause you can add it to the water when watering and kill any that's in your medium. This is how I treat any that pops up, others might have a different way but my mites were gone with in 2 days. Good Luck

    Joshc92 Member

    Thank you been using neem oil and bouts put some de down.

    Joshc92 Member

    So if I spray with bleach how many days between applications/ different methods? I have some garden safe diatomaceous earth, I just don't know if its safe to use in living area. My grow room is in closet, I also have no pest strips just worried about breathing
    that stuff in. Have been using bon neem from bonide, is the stuff you use from bonide too?

    Joshc92 Member

    Hey Pop- top I got some captain jack, is it safe to use indoors? Grow room is inside so just want to make sure its safe.

    macsnax Well-Known Member

    I don't know about the captain jack, but your DE should be safe to eat. So you should be good.

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    bleach water ??

    Joshc92 Member

    I got the wrong de though got it from lowes its garden safe so its pesticide de. Not sure if it'll be okay it says its safe for indoors just not sure.

    Joshc92 Member

    Haven't tried bleach water yet I've tried alcohol and water.

    macsnax Well-Known Member

    It doesn't say food grade?
    I've heard of dipping infect clones in black water, but not spraying it on plants. Doesn't seem advisable.

    charface Well-Known Member

    So no little white spots on top of the leafs or webbing yet?
    That is usually how I found them.
    With my bad eyes that does look like the two spotted variety though.

    Can you pull some leaf and shake it over a white paper or plate to verify you have a live infestation? They are easy to see that way.

    Joshc92 Member

    Nah doesn't say food grade.my grow room is in closet/ bedroom so I don't wanna use anything that's not safe. I think mites are gone haven't seen them , I don't have a good enough magnifying glass, I will be getting one soon though.

    Joshc92 Member

    Yes I have tried that with the paper, but they don't seem to move I'm hoping they are dead, no white spots really and no webbing. I would see black dots under leaves but I sprayed the bon neem on them like 3 times.

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