Buds with possible mites = bad to smoke?

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    Ender87i Well-Known Member

    Ive always wondered, so i thought i'd ask..
    If you had a minor case of spider mites that was under control for the majority
    of the grow, but started to get worse towards the last couple weeks of bloom
    when it was too late to spray, will smoking the buds that probably have a few
    mites hiding in it have any negative affects? Will smoking spider mites harm you
    in any way? or possibly affect the high, or cause unwanted affects after smoking?

    Oldreefer Well-Known Member

    Make sure your tokin' buddy get the first hit! LOL....
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    brownbearclan Active Member

    I wouldn't think it would be harmful to you, definitely not desirable for sure but it is what is. If it's obvious and really bad maybe just make hash? Then you coul at least filter them out some. ::shrug::

    Ender87i Well-Known Member

    What does everybody else think?
    Does anybody know for sure, or have some real info about it?

    cornelivs Member

    if you don't get the taste nothing will change. can even get some free protein with smoke :)
    The Knuck

    The Knuck Active Member

    smoke it, most are gone during the drying process, alot split when the bud dies.

    if you have ever been i regular buyer off the street you have probably smoked many many mites, mass growers get an infestation

    once in awhile and they dont throw out thousands in weed.
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    Ender87i Well-Known Member

    Yeah thats true about the street-level buds.. im sure theres plenty with mites.
    And also i agree the mites probably take off when the bud dies..

    But what bothers me, which i notice the most, are the small strands of stringy hair in the buds!
    I mean, its obvious that its some kind of webbing material that gets left from the spider mites...
    Even if the mite problem was minimal, and no webs even got formed, the strands of hair still remain on buds after harvest!

    Do you guys know what im talking about? like you could take a pile of buds and try to pick one of them up, and
    a different piece of bud will be hanging from it by an invisible string lol... thats what bothers me is that crap.
    harry paratestes

    harry paratestes Member

    I read when u smoke em they lay eggs in your brain and eat it after they hatch!
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    Ender87i Well-Known Member

    AAAAHHH!!! LOL...

    But seriously, does anybody know what im talking about, the hair thing?
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    phood Member

    I actually think the stringy thing is from peoples fans that are blowing on the nugs.
    when i was growing in my closet my fans would get dusty and i would have to dust them of and i could see some little hairs get stuck. i would try to pull them off but at one point i said F it haha

    Purplekrunchie Well-Known Member

    Yes I know what you mean, I had a buddy that once had his grow room so infested, many of his colas were covered in webs. Those are from the mites, and it makes the weed look nasty, but you can probably clean the buds off. I'm not actually sure what my buddy did about that, but it looked fucked up as hell.

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    [​IMG]im not really sure you should be smoking it, but if you do let us know how it went

    Viagro Well-Known Member

    Put your plants in the shower or hose them down to remove most of the vermin.

    Use Zero Tolerance mite spray. It's just essential oils.

    Mites can't tolerate certain scents, like garlic, chives, peppermint, coriander, etc. I dissolve a peppermint candy in my watering can, every once in a while. I also use an organic flea collar that just has essential oils in it...keep the bugs at bay, don't let them setup shop.

    dbudman Member

    I don't think smoking the mites are very good for you.
    The mites get inside the buds and then stick to the resin and die.
    You can't get them out. Washing the buds don't sound like a very good idea either.
    Doing that will just wash off the trichs and THC and degrade the bud, not to mention increase
    the chance of mold. I think the best thing to do is scrap the plant.

    Then make sure you thoroughly clean your grow room and rid it of any possiblities of bugs.
    Once you do that then start another grow. This time be very diligent and avoid contaminating new grow.
    Spray your plant with Neem oil every week during veg as a preventative measure. Bugs don't like neem oil
    and it will help keep them away. But most important is not to infect your plant with any insects. Don't go near your grow
    after being outside in your outdoor garden. Seperate all tools from outdoor to indoor. You don't want to cross contaminate.
    Those mites are a royal bitch. If you grew outdoors then you may consider indoor. You can grow outdoor, but be careful not to grow next to anything that might have mites. If you had them outdoor you want to spray thoroughly every crevis to get rid of them. Even then you can't be sure.

    cruzer101 Well-Known Member

    well I deal with the little fuckers all the time. Less each year so I am getting somewhere.
    When I hung the bud all the live ones will leave the bud but I'm sure some are still there.

    I've smoked the bud, it was fine. Do you have a dog? Dog hair will do the same thing.

    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    I would say, In a jar they would have no oxygen, wouldnt they die?
    Im not a scientist... so idk.

    but i had em on a crop, had no real compaints...other than the bud wasnt that good... no sickness or anything

    donutpunched Active Member

    If you knew how much shit was in ketchup and fig newton cookies you would gladly smoke the mites.... There are probably more bug parts in one fig newton cookie. than your whole grow... So sit back take a rip.... and when you hear the pop hold it in as long as you can... 1 down a few more to go!
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    billy4479 Moderator

    sick of mites try this
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    donutpunched Active Member

    I use Forbid and it really works well....

    cruzer101 Well-Known Member

    I just hit my girls with it too.

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