Buds quality LEDs VS HPS

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    Shit slinging is unneeded

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    Hi Guys!
    I am looking for your opinions about this light?
    It says 4 x 200 W, which would suit me as I plan to replace a 1000 W HPS. The price is 800 USD or 640 EUR.
    What do you think about the quality of this fixture?

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    nevergoodenuf Well-Known Member

    Garbage like that is hiding their true wattage in the fine print. Look deeper, you will find it to be about half that wattage. Stay away from any company using this tactic.
    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    There's no way that thing pulls 800 at the wall.
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Have you ever seen a good 1000W Super HPS in action?

    Blinding! I use them and there is no way that setup will come close. I recently got a used 1000W MH/HPS magnetic ballast for $75 and two Super HPS bulbs that are good Hortilux knock-offs for $40 each.

    Spend your $800US/1100CAN then wait 12 years to get that money back from electric power savings while growing inferior buds.

    With any HID bulb and my butterfly type open reflectors I can focus the light where needed or spread the wings and flood the grow space. Most LEDs have a specific sweet spot and that's it. DIY guys with their own COB builds have the best of both worlds and that's where I would go if I drift off my HID schedule.

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    ANC Well-Known Member

    If you are expecting to get optimum results just changing the HID to a LED-based light source and do everything else exactly the same you are in for a disappointment.

    If you are new with a small budget, by all means, get a secondhand HID set. The recipes for using those are pretty much set in stone by now.
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I went back a couple of pages and didn't see any shit slinging. Lots of monkeys tossing their feces over in the politics forum tho. ;)


    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Small budget has been the order of the day for me forever. My 30 + year old 400W MH and HPS ballasts are just hanging off steel plates with wires all over. Going down hard if electrical inspectors ever hit my grow. :) 17 years using them and never had a shock or any problems with them and still using a 17 yo Hortilux conversion bulb today to veg plants off an HPS ballast.


    The last two years I've dumped 2 grand into new grow gear after 15 years of scrounging and find that I'm losing the love so it might just have been a waste of money. Hoping that once we get re-legalization here in Canukistan I can flog some gear and just buy what I need from the grey market. I've never wanted to or tried to profit from cannabis or any other illegal substance. My kharma grumbles if I stray from the path. ;)

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    ANC Well-Known Member

    I still have 400W ballasts installed. Waiting until we get the law changed so we can grow at home. But I have pretty much figured out how to use my LEDs. It will be a first time flowering under the strips though, so there may be some surprises left. But, judging on veg performance I think it will be good

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    I put up my HID stuff almost 5 years ago and COBs and Quantum Boards will make the same amount of better, stronger bud than HID at about 60% of the electricity I used before. They are simply much more effective in making light out of electricity. And the spectrums of these white LEDs is far better. And my latest COB light is going on two years old. I also have not changed a bulb in 5 years. HPS today is like carburetors in 1980, the end of the line.
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    Fractured but whole

    Fractured but whole Well-Known Member

    i wonder why hortilux is coming out with a version of DE? They also have a new LED veg light coming out, Yet No cob lights. HMMMM!
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    I never really thought Hortilux was the be all, end all of HID but they have great marketing. I did as well with Sylvania hps $10 bulbs and slightly better with Ushio. Every day highly experienced growers on RIU are doing away with their HPS in foavor of the best LEDs. Before highly efficient phosphors were available HPS was King but no longer. More light and better spectrums with less heat and power. What's not to like?
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    Fractured but whole

    Fractured but whole Well-Known Member

    I tend to follow one of the biggest lighting companies with a solid track record over a bunch of DIY garage guys who have been making over hyped promises for YEARS.

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Bill Gates
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    lukio Well-Known Member

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    Fractured but whole

    Fractured but whole Well-Known Member

    Um, Aren't street lights all LED now? Because that is what they are good for.
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    lukio Well-Known Member

    depends where you live i guess.

    so, why are the latest led lights shit for growing?
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    "Spend your $800US/1100CAN then wait 12 years to get that money back from electric power savings while growing inferior buds."

    >well up hb.jpg here its paid for in 6 months hydro saving and the quality is equal to or superior
    Fractured but whole

    Fractured but whole Well-Known Member

    they aren't shit, but they aren't ready for commercial growing and they aren't as Awesome as you highly invested people make them out to be. And the only way for you guys to push them is to make up lies. As I said before. If and when an LEd light hits the market, that works as well as DE, it will be well known and a line will form to get them.
    Fractured but whole

    Fractured but whole Well-Known Member

    After YEARS of research, this is what a true horticulture lighting company is coming out with.

    COMING APRIL 2018!
    Patent-pending Plant-tested Veg Spectrum

    The EYE HORTILUX LED 240-R Grow Light System is the culmination of years of research and engineering. The Patent-pending spectrum was tested against seven other spectrums in a plant-growing operation.

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