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    I'm from Toronto and I've been smoking weed for about 20 years now! My first joint was some Jamaican Sess and man was it harsh lol. Canada will be one of the first countries to legalize Marijuana hopefully by July 2018 and I'm interested in being a part of it.

    I've been a business owner for 5 years now and looking to transition, but not completely sure what I would like to do in Cannabis. There are still many question marks in the Canadian legislation.

    In the meantime, I went to California for 4 months to learn more about the weed industry and it blew my mind how ahead they are. I've been documenting and writing about it ever since.

    Would love to get to know more of everyone here... really believe it's all about building a strong community, it's what makes cannabis culture great!

    Take Care!

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    welcome to RIU.

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