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    So I recently seen a side by side done by a fellow grower. One plant given bud factor x and the other without. Base nutrients were aqua flakes by house and garden and the only additive used was bud xl. The bud xl was used on both plants. Anyways the usage of bud factor x made a noticeable difference to bud, while it was growing and after it was finished. I wouldn't go as far as saying there was more trichs with the bud factor x but they were more prominent though and the aesthetics of the final product was better in general. Aroma was also better. So I was hoping to get some perspective from other people who have tried it and believe it's worth the money. Thats the biggest concern for me is actually buying the bottle,$90! I was wondering if there is a similar product or even a homemade product or remedy that replicates bfx. I have also tried terpinator with no success at all. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Don't buy into the blurb that says that 10 Ph.D scientists spent years and years developing and testing hundreds of ingredients until the found the right one, Big Mike from AN knew right from the start to use chitosan.
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    I love Bud Factor X. And if you really want it to kick ass foliar spray it for first 3-4 weeks. I usually start after 2nd week of flowering is done, then I go back to the root drench. Bud X is a terpene essential oil production product. It contains mag and sulphur, as anyone knows sulphur is responsible for trichs production as well as other things and is essential element for our plants.

    People on RIU love to hate on AN, but I am not one of those people. I have used it for years and in the next few months they are gonna be releasing strain specific formulas that people are getting 3 lbs per light from. I have been one of the lucky people to be in process of running one of the many grows and have been averaging 2.5 per light running their lineup. There will be many people jumping back on the wagon once this new iformation and charts start coming out. I can promise that.

    Theres many nutrients that all work that are much less expensive obviously. If you dont mind the price tag than there are no issues or complaints. I myself prefer TLO and organic growing but Im running some tests now that are proving to me to be best nutrients on the market that are pushing out insane yields from everything I am seeing.

    All the haters try bring up this child molesting shit which was one old owner who had small part in business who was terminated and bought out by Big Mike. And anyone who hates on BM needs to read his book or life story he's a beast and a prime example of struggle to success that noone can deny regardless if you like his company or not.

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    absolutely no reason to use it as foliar additives. lots of additives/nutrients recommand foliar feed but they are wrong. foliar uptake is based on the POD of the salt and most of the salt are not suitable because their POD is too high.Magnesium sulfate , for example , is often recommanded for foliar feeding in case of mg def, but this is not effective.Much more effective to apply at rootzone.

    The only suitable and common salt for foliar feedings is calcium chlroride, magnesium nitrate and calcium nitrate. Some organic extracst are beneficial too , like kelp/seaweed but thats a different subject.

    keep it simple and stay away from AN.

    peace :)
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    LamontCranston Well-Known Member

    I also use this product, and question how useful it is sometimes. However my flowers are exceptional and I would not like to change my nutrient schedule. I've heard Bud Factor X contains chitosan, which provokes a Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) response within the plant. This in turn promotes extra resin production.

    Canna_Man Active Member

    I never heard of that but it is definetely possible. Do a test and run it on some plants and not the others you will see the difference between them once they are yielded. Bud Factor X is a must if you are running AN but I also like to use it when im running Botanicare too. Im not sold on the terpinator and dont like how much it swings ph of my reservoir. I prefer the Bud X and go full strength week 3 until you start to flush, and use it in conjunction with Bud Candy or whatever carb product you like it works hand in hand. Bud X is mag based with sulphur and other unlisted ingredients they wont divulge. But everyone knows importance of mag and sulphur for trich resin production and essential oils on our plants it is a very good product.
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    Mowgli Ma-Fên

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    nice thread!
    Velvet Elvis

    Velvet Elvis Well-Known Member

    here we go again with the psycho
    Velvet Elvis

    Velvet Elvis Well-Known Member

    but I will say, I cant stand big mike or cannaman, but bud factor x works for me.

    it is chitosan, nothing new.
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    Kygiacomo Well-Known Member

    i used bud factor x this year as well worked great and is awesome,but i have come to the conclusion that insect frass does the exact same thing plus extra benfits and is cheaper. the ultimate combo though for plant growth & health is ful-power,insect frass,Aloe powder 200x,vitazyme,coconut powder and kelp tea folair 1x a week. use these together and sit back and watch the leaves pray hard as fuck and plant health/growth will soar to another level.
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    Congratulations: Salesman quote of the week.
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    chuck estevez

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    And you do A GREAT job of promoting his products and sucking his dick

    Canna_Man Active Member


    Here you go Chuck ET AL...

    I went to the hydro shop and had them order me this so I can make an entire grow journal, that is going to be tested by myself aka yours truly.. And I will do a week by week analysis which will include plant height, leaf growth and stem measurement. I will detail the exact recipe of nutrients I will be feeding to each controlled plant. I am going to run 2 (1000w) lights growing 2 plants per light. I am going for this purpose to use the exact same formula I run using either:

    AN 2 part jungle juice and only these additives: Big Bud - OverDrive - Bud Factor X and B52.
    Botanicare Pure Blend Pro
    CalMag - HydroPlex - Silica - Vitamino - Liquid Karma

    Both plants will get Great White beneficials and Cal Mag if needed. I have 4 (Chem Dog cuts from the same mother. Which I will place into 10 gallon containers after 2 weeks of veg and will be finished in those containers. I am using Sunshine Advanced (coco/peat) mix as the media for everyone convenience since it is easy and the most forigiving medium IMO.

    Sometime next week I will start the thread and go week by week until they are finished. Once harvested, dried and cured... There will be a final weigh in with a video step by step of the process whenever I figure that part out. After the grow and test is completed I am going to have my friend take samples from each nutrient for a blind taste test with me and 2 of my buddies which I will show as submitted with no knowledge of which buds came from which nutrient line.

    Finally I will have my buddy bring these samples to the dispensary/testing facility and label them both and submit them for analysis which I will take a video and open the results and post that on the thread as well. I am keeping an open mind and will do my absolute best to ensure the plants are grown properly and flower flawlessly to the best of my abilities and will wait the pending results and check out the final results amongst anyone on the RIU interested in my expriment.

    So be on the look out sometime next week and I will begin the official thread: Dyna- Gro vs. Advanced Nutrients Chem Dog #4
    Or Dyna-Gro vs Botanicare.. I will let you guys vote and decide which other nutrient you want me to use against it... Ill be looking forward to the responses and starting this project!!!

    Also if anyone has a better recipe than the one I got from the owner of Dyna-Gro please include it here so I can figure out the bst approach to the feedings. The owner or he says he was I spoke with name was Dave I assume real name is David if anyone knows this to be true? He told me to use the Foliage Pro and Protekt from start to finish. Using the FP @1 to 1.5 tsp per gallon or approx. and to use a feed - feed - water routine in the drain to waste system with a target of 750-800 PPM. He said he advised using RO water (starting ppm less than 100). I have a triple staged RO which produces roughly 0-10 PPM once it is ran through my TDS meter.

    On top of the FP I was directed to use the ProTekt @5ml to 10ml per gallon or as needed from start to finish at least once per week (recommended two times) He also recommended a once per month flush of the media to reduce potential salt build up and also advised to flush for the final 7-10 days of flowering before harvest to reduce contaminants and heavy metal content.

    He also said that using the KLN was optional and he recommended using the Neem Oil as a foliar or root drench for maitenance purposes but neither was absolutely needed. So stay tuned I will put this argument to rest from my perspective and we will see how things stack up and grow... Im excited to see the results.

    So please post what nutrient you want me to use against the DG and lets get this started up next week.
    Velvet Elvis

    Velvet Elvis Well-Known Member


    Canna_Man Active Member

    It is a must if you are using AN I dont know what the problem with that statement is. As I mentioned before this thread isnt for people who dont use AN or like their products. This post was made specifically for someone who wanted to know about the product so I gave them my answer. Idk why any of you have a problem with other peoples preferences they choose to use/grow with at the end of the day what I use or someone else uses or likes has 0 effect on you or your life so why bother with arguing about it w anyone? Noone is telling you to do anything and you can choose whatever you want to do with your grows. Just leave it alone everyone is arguing and fighting for no reason and is getting mad at people for liking something they dont!! That is the problem with America. Everyone is so focused on other people lives and business you take shit personally and get involved with things that have nothing to do with you. If you dont like AN or the products/prices or view points just dont come onto the thread and leave it to the people who like their stuff and its that simple man. Anyways post what nutrients people want me to run and I will go buy them and start this grow off with the DG!! I wanna see if this shit really is as good as everyone says and see what the results are.
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    Canna_Man Active Member

    Like I said Im gonna do a real test and run using DG and whatever you chose of those 2 nutrients and we will see how this shit really works as you say its so great. I went and bought everything I need and I am ready to run this and find out wsp
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    Canna_Man Active Member

    These are gigantic buds of Chem Dog using AN. Thats the big bottle of GH CaMg lets see if DynaGro can produce buds like this.. Then I will be impressed. And the final THC content terpines and resins will determine if its the real deal or just some cheap bullshit....

    Now these are some chunks!!!

    Canna_Man Active Member

    Well you should read it. Im gonna lay this argument to bed with this grow I am going to do. And we shall see how DG stacks up against tried and true nutrients. This is gonna be 100% legit. Im putting all effort into finding out if I have been wasting my time and money using canna specific nutrients and see what the final results really are. Done by someone who actually uses AN on a regular basis not the bs grow this other dude did who doesnt know how to use the products. So we shall see whats up this coming week so stay tuned!!!
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    chuck estevez

    chuck estevez Well-Known Member

    Pretty much my line up. cept I use the pro tek as ph up.
    In veg, i use EWC mostly so there really isn't a salt build up going into flower, so i don't really flush anything.

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Your strain is super leafy. Those types suck to trim hope that the taste is worth it.

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