BT saved most of my crop

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    At the beginning i had a terrible catepillar infestation on one plant mostly while the other had a smaller amount of them. the bigger plant had all kinds the large green ones and the smaller brackish colored ones. after some close inspecting and torturing of each one id find,i decided to just coat my plants with BT mixed in spray bottle just gotta poke the nose in between the nugs a couple of sprays did the trick i found a decent amount of smaller ones pretty much lifeless when going through it again with tweezers. this morning i went through my plant and found maybe two or three smaller ones again , took em out with tweezers again n resprayed both babies down. this BT shit is good stuff my plants were littered with these bastards now theyre pretty much aids free. the only downside i noticed is it seems in going through my plants with gloves ive rubbed alot of trichomes off and theyre not as frosty as when they were untouched ☹️☹️

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    good news a battle won

    I'd let them go another week or two

    to rebuild them trics

    good luck
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    john wishmyer

    john wishmyer Well-Known Member

    hell yes brother fuck those little rotten bastards from hell! hopefully this is the last of them
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    I doing the same as you got but with slugs

    every year its a battle with a new bug

    good news

    is you get very good at it

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