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    so I went out and bought a bubbler thought it was a nice treat, smoked a half ounce with a friend then put it on my lap to get a glass of water, then my jack ass of a neighbor bangs on my door like he was the dam swat busten down binladens door cuz when I parked my car apparently it was partly on his property, SORRY, but either way, when he banged on the door I jumped up to answer it and then I heard the heartstopping sound of glass meeting hardwood flooring, clean break though, I was thinking of fixing it, I found this online. heres a picture of the break IMG_1209[1].jpg IMG_1206[1].jpg so as you can see, by some miracle only the chamber broke and not the bulb don't ask me how, but since the break isn't touching the bowl and that part doesn't get hot due to the water in it anyways, what are you thoughts, will it work? the glass is relatively thick so I wasn't planning on having huge amounts on the inside either.

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    lol its done man go get a new one

    DemonTrich Well-Known Member

    your gonna have to scuff up the parts in order for any adhesive to stick to it. but like said above, she is done.

    TreeOfLiberty Well-Known Member

    I would spend $6.00 on 2 - tubes of Loctite Glass Glue. Only $2.82 a tube at Home Depot. There's no way I'd scrap it without trying to re-set it with strong glass glue first. Loctite glass glue has some serious holding power. Since it didn't shatter and broke in 3 pieces and the glass is thick, $6.00 for 2-tubes would be a minimal investment to keep from having to replace it.

    Hold each piece in place for at least 3 minutes to make sure a good take sets in. Then apply masking tape around the joints. After a few hours, then put the bubbler in warm soapy water to peal the masking tape off using a razor blade if needed. That's a nice bong, at least try to repair it. You will forever wonder if you could have saved it if you don't.

    Constiello Active Member

    Bubblers start at $5 and go up to thousands

    And so it shouldn't be so hard to just get yourself a new one.

    It's a kick ass piece you got there but from the way it looks it won't be worth the hassle of resealing after some bowls, constant water leak and refill, air gaps, etc.

    Stelthfire3 Member

    how is it done this is the best break I think ive seen, plus it was expensive and my headshop got shutdown for selling to minors.

    the break is fairly jagged but the glass is thick

    I like you, haha thanks, that's pretty much what I was going to do, I have some Loctite screw setting glue, im not using that, but there stuff is permanent haha

    it was $50 as the only headshop in town has inflated prices to screw minors over with, I just looked at it as a cool piece that would be worth it, btw, it hauls tokes this is my favorite piece haha ide use it over a 2ft bong if I had a choice thanks for the input guys, il look into the loctite

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