British patient, Winston Matthews, got 16 months sentence. Support!

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    Merrytricks Member

    I don't know Winston myself, but he is a friend of friends. Please join the Facebook group to support him, and/or send him a card or letter.

    From the Facebook group:

    Winston Matthews A8167CK
    HMP High Down Prison
    High Down Lane
    Surrey SM2 5PJ

    you can now donate via Paypal [email protected]

    (see below for more details about sending mail)

    here is a press article inviting you to comment on-line:
    (you need to register first but it does not take long)[​IMG]

    Winston Matthews has been sent to prison in the UK for 16 months for repeatedly growing his own medicinal cannabis plants in his home, to use as an effective alternative to dangerous and expensive pharmaceutical drugs.

    British Justice has been thrown out.

    This group is set up to help fight for Winston's early release and to support him as best we can.
    john mc

    john mc Active Member

    UK sickens me sometimes. You think the judge would just be like.... ''I aint got no time fo this, free the man.'' But no they make him out to be a drug addict.

    hairbear Member

    the uk is a mind fuck,use energy as a poll tax whens the last time ya watched the news and got the news,the place is brainwashed,serfdom is back go to the doctor and they will give ya an asprin and codliver oil .

    there are things i might die for but none that i wod kill for.

    Nobodrae New Member

    Yo Winston! Hang on in there dude. One day the good people will make a break through. They can pop their pills, drink their wine yet persecute us at the same time. Do your bird and be proud mate for standing up for your rights. Tell me the harm you cause Winston? My partner only got 4 months for personal he cause no harm either. We need to stand up and be counted and one day this will be a thing of the past. Be lucky.

    pewee New Member

    Let the truth come out to one and all, we in the UK are at the mercy of the giant pharmaceutical companies who control our NHS and the corrupt MPs in our Parliament. Cannabis cures cancer an chemo KILLS patients, but "they" cant put a patent on a plant and if our corrupt Parliament made medical cannabis legal billions of pounds would be lost in bribes to corrupt MPs and the balance sheet of the Big Phama...Greed and corruption is rife in the medical world in Britain and the two of them are powerful enemies to the masses

    beepotron Active Member

    True dat.

    paindog Member

    Unfortunately there is no sign of an end to this persecution and injustice. Today some police chief has spoken sensibly, calling for all police forces to leave small operations alone if their not being blatant. Fuckwit government response is to revert back to the bullshit "skunk makes you crazy and it is very dangerous" fallacy! Ignorant pricks spend millions each year trying to prove how dangerous cannabis is and failing! Meanwhile very few studies into the medical properties of cannabis get approved. Let's just hope the u.s.a. can crack on with more research and forcefully drag the u.k. into the future with a tsunami of truth. Be strong Winston, and we can only hope that you are one of the last to be robbed of their freedom. Peace mate.

    paindog Member

    Article I am referring to is in today's Independent newspaper 23/7/15. "police chief calls for cannabis farms to be left alone" or something like that.
    Labs Dexter

    Labs Dexter Well-Known Member

    To be honest lads I'm in for supporting people, pot head or no pot head 84 plants that's a dealer...
    You don't need that much to claim you need em fucking hell even bob Marley or that wiz Khalifa dude would say thats too much.
    If you stick to a limit of 4 or 6 in different stages then you should walk out, but 84 mate even if I was the judge I would send him down

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