Brisco's Bargain Beans


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Great beans from a great guy. Priced right and available at DCSeedExchange.
Orgi F2's had 2 phenos that both came out really nice. One was orangey fruity, the other was spicy like Nag Champa. Neither were short on buzz or flavor.

ORGI F2 Orangey Pheno

Orgi F2 (Pheno 2) 64 Days #2.png

ORGI F2 Nag Champa Pheno
Orgi F2.png

Amos Otis

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what Projects are you working on now ? is there another stud in the stable you are breeding with ?

When can we expect a fresh drop from brisco brand .
What do you get when you take an F2 male and dust a F2 female. Is that F3? :confused:
Whatever the F they are, Hibernate, and Dank Sinatra F2 x Hibernate f2 is next, for those looking for a day end'er. But it's the one after that [ in progress ] that I'm really excited about - Brisco's Big Shirley Bananas Project. Details to come later. :eyesmoke: