booby-trapping rippers

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    If a person is stupid enough to work with live wires and not a qualifed electrician it's best they be removed from the gene pool before they reproduce. :D
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    u would be surprised
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    Fila Brasileiro. Meaner and more protective then anything I've ever brother trains and breeds them and pit bulls and you definitely call before you drive up. They will no joke eat you if you are not closely raised up with them, it's not a good dog to have if you grow in your house and have any type of frienly unexpected guests like say your kids friend or family member stop by but you could raise it up and stick it in a fence around your op and never have problems agen haha. Check them out on youtube.

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    Bougainvillea is king. i have a row of them on the south side perimeter of my property. Good luck getting through that shit.

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    How much does he want for one of those dogs? I might drive down to Texas n bring you some cuts n get a puppy...
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    I put the electrocuting staircase on the back burner for right now....

    I just bought 3 trail cameras. They take SIM cards from a cell phone carrier. They text you immediately when there's any movement. There's multiple doors to get through so I had plan on putting one inside the garden, one on the door and one outside. They have 120 degree lenses with 20 meter motion detection. So if anyone snooping around outside I'll know immediately, if somebody's trying to get in through the door I'll know immediately, and the same thing if they actually get into the garden, I'll know immediately. My response time is about 6 to 7 minutes to be there armed with a pitbull, taser, tacical shotgun and 40. But I don't wanna ever hurt anyone Plus nobody knows about my current/old spot so I should be able to sleep good. And when I do go to sleep plug my phone into my speaker tower so if I get a text message it'll be super loud with a crazy ringtone from those numbers. Plus it anytime I can text it "live" and get pictures.

    That's the plan for now, besides cutting ties and moving and never making that mistake again.

    I will never tell anybody where my s*** is. Not my wife not my brother not my dad. Nobody!
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    I'll ask my bro

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    Did you get your stolen gear back?
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    Never touch the gear or veg

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    I thought they stole your equipment? That's what I was referring to.

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    Good thing they didn't... Couldn't imagine
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    This + super loud siren and throw some LED stroboscopes in and they wont be getting anywhere so easily. Plus the classic falling net on the ceiling and marble balls floor deployment system. If all of this fails, release the dog(s) from the hidden tunnel. Cheers and good luck.
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    I went with multiple gsm tail cameras, I get texted to me phone immediately and 5-10 mins away. Hope they come back...

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    This is badass!
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    Everything is set up and working just fine, I got to wireless trail cameras that text me, four motion sensors that also text me and four door/window alarms that text me lol.. It's a complete off-grid system using GSM technology. Everything wireless. I love it so far. Nothing like peace of mind.

    And I also installed about two dozen 8" lug bolts in my doors. All windows boarded. Can't wait to move. Lesson learned the hard way...

    I do want to look into those fog machines, the ones I seen looked expensive around $1,500 but I'm not sure of the cubic foot output. I'd rather buy something big so I don't have to upgrade in the future. If anyone has any experience with these or is ever seen them feel free to give me some input.

    Thanks guys

    Peace love and respect


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    I did a lot of investigating, I'm gonna get one of these security fog cannons. They are expensive but it's well worth it. It's not harmful but doesn't leave a residue you can trigger it by motion, switch, app. I'm excited....

    I'm going to go with the bigger model the 2200i which is 1500$ but it does up to 2700 cubic meters a minute. And it's adjustable, 900-2700, low on power. Just plain awesome.

    I'll post back once it's all hooked up.

    I'm going to be setting it up in my new facility along with the cameras in motion sensors, all offline, wireless GSM tech.

    Thanks for the idea man, you literally could have just saved me 100k.

    There's anything I can ever do let me know...

    Peace love and respect

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    Jay, glad to be of help.
    I saw it some time ago when I was thinking up my ideal security system (the things I sometimes do high). Just a note that it can bring some attention when triggered unintentionally. Like firemen knocking on the door, you know.
    Good luck and thank you for the kind offer. I have no idea what that could be, oh you can have a nice smoke in honor of my excellence (just kidding I'm not that excellent). I wanna know your top 5 strains (seed bank noted, if you know it) for taste and aftertaste (if you know what I mean). I like sativa better so you can take that into account. That would be nice from you. Cheers and good luck!
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