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Discussion in 'Organics' started by Reggaefarm Rasta, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Peace and blessings pon the most high Jah. We have just moved a few months ago and had to start our composting all over again. I was wondering if there's any benefit from boiling fresh/wilted veggie scraps, straining out the solids and leaving the water to brew with an airstone for a few days. I know it's not the same as compost but will this help introduce or feed beneficial micros or add any nutrients? I've had about a half of a gallon bubbling for a little over a day and it's already foaming like crazy out of the top of the 1 gallon bottle it's in. Should I water with this experiment and if so, how long should I brew for?
    Give thanks
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    What's good fellow Rasta!

    I'm not sure of any benefits you could get from what you're doing necessarily. But you could ferment your veggie scraps and strain them into a pretty nice liquid fertilizer! There's lots of videos and how to guides just google fermented plant extracts.
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    absolutely will work,it wont brew microbes fromthe hot tea but the bubbling room temp will grow yeast. i wouldnt boil more than an hour but if you have a mesh sack you can keep the solids in the bubbling stage for 24-72hrs. hot tea in any case is a quick extract of water solubles. dried inputs will work as well. ex, black tea is a high nitrogen leaf and in turn, a high nitrogen liquid. thats why kombucha loves some black tea. you can use riteaid or walgreens or grocers probiotics if you feed them molasses, but if you only have grocers molasses its not worth the $. better if you source out an agricultural supply shop around town. good luck! experiment with tea concentrations per plant sizes cuz this isnt something i do regularly as i ferment everything i use.
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    OK, thanks for the input. I dumped this experiment out because when I got home it had stopped foaming and smelled like urine mixed with foot fungus. I still have a couple days before my next watering and by that time it will be too nasty to use. I will make a new mix tomorrow and use a bubble bag full of scraps in the tea this time instead of boiling.
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    mmmmm urine mixed with foot fungus...
    how tasty
    hey do you have a wormbin?
    that's where i'd put em, only don't boil or cook em, just freeze em, and then re thaw them in a good thick plastic bag, then mash em up
    plop in a hole in the middle of your wormbin and cover
    Reggaefarm Rasta

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    I don't have a worm bin but I been thinking of making one. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    It's an irreplaceable resource!

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