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Hey Now,
I’ve got the best kind of dilemma. I’m going to be preparing for my second grow and was curious what y’alls thoughts were on what to run. I have Space Monkey, Clusterfunk, Soul Mate, Peach HP, Sunshine Queen, More Cowbell, Super Silver HP, Lemon Wookie v2, and Lazy Lightning. Thinking I’ll run two different varieties this next go round. Any and all thoughts are appreciated!
The Sunshine Queen is one that hasn't seemed to get much attention. If you wanted to blaze a trail, you could give that one a shot... I'd personally like to see how that turns out more than the others. Most of the others are already proven winners around here though, so starting with the most mysterious one may not be the way you want to go. Bet it's good though. As you say, it doesn't sound like an awful dilemma... that's a nice spread of seeds whatever you pick.
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I love me some cantaloupe flavors, i hope this one is released! The closest i've come to melon was a Bodhi's Watermelon, also Chocolope 7+ years ago.
The Kodama is still available at GLG it's got the same Lush female & Strawb. Milk male i think. So many plants so little time.
I have had chocoloupe that also had this kind of smell and flavor goimg on, itll be another month before she is done ao no telling what itll turnout like, i only ended up with one girl due to high temps seedlimgs but another grower is running the same tester so well have a good idea of what to expect. I chose this tester and also ran kodama because of bodhis mention on how nice the high is on the lush. Kodama had a super functional and pick me up buzz, the flavor and smell were very unique


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Anyone familiar with a Purple Wookies clone going around? I don't think it's Mr. B's personal cut, but it's growing better than almost all the elites I picked up.


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Holding a few "elites" myself I say its all shit. We all have had or will have somthing thats just as good or better imo. If you put in the work from seed you will find whats worth keeping and somtimes you just get lucky. All the hype shit may be good but its not the end of the world if you don't get it lol.

Having said that the sour d clone I work with is worth its weight in gold. Inkognyto passed a few cuts along to my buddy way back on 420 genetics and they stand up to anything on today's market!

To keep it related here is a peach hp at day 23/5 or so. Getting frosty! Nice smells already! Can't wait to get out of tents and get my room done!!! I got a hunt going! All this talk of elite have me horney for all the inkognyto, bodhi, and dynastys Alpenglow I popped!

Happy growing!


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This is what has hit the solo cups! I'm more than happy with bodhi and at day 2x inks gear is already WHITE and covered so i should find a couple keepers between these and whats in flower now. Having said that.... I have always had great luck with laplata labs gear. My room is always on point envioment wise. On a 4.5' plant i have only about 16" of canopy due to some nut sacks starting on me. It got a late lollipoping you could say.... see below lol... left front...
I was working in there so yes my shit is a mess lol... still have high hopes! The lucky wookie in back left looking great though!


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Well ... the pheno of strawberry goji that got the cut 3-4 weeks early due to really weak branching flopping all over was mostly all dry enough for the jar today. Probably could have hung for a couple more days on some of the branches but I haven't had any jarred flower to smoke for a couple of months and was getting tired of rosin and running to the basement for samples.

Horrible bag appeal, tiny buds... this pheno wasn't packing on weight like the others were. However... absolutely fantastic smoke. Already burning light grey without a cure. The jar just reaks of lime and gas. Was easy to trim/process despite the horrible buds due to me leaving 90% of the sugar leaves. Everything is just covered in resin. Honestly some of the best bud I've smoked despite the bag appeal.

Excellent heady high. Really hits you behind the eyes and makes your brain feel like it's expanding. No crash. Lasts a couple of hours. Fairly energetic. Very slight lime taste on the volcano which will most likely greatly improve with some curing.

I have high hopes for my keeper pheno after smoking this premature stuff...


(Seperated into 2 jars after picture)
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Smell and smoke report on the unicorn milk?
I tested Unicorn Milk

only popped 4 and got 1 female

the high had a euphoric rush i loved at the beginning then settled to a nice mellow relaxing sativa high

terps are hard to kinda smelled like baby throw up with a funk back end.It sounds disgusting but it really didn't smell bad

my jars went fast.Everybody loved it.I still have 6 beans left from my tester pack and still ordered 2 packs from the recent drop
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