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    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    mind describing the smells? i guess its hindu leaning due to the weird structure? like how dr. grinspoon looks like something other than what is widely known to the world what cannabis normally looks like.
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    Cletus clem

    Cletus clem Well-Known Member

    Dr grinspoon looks like fun. Would love to run it someday.

    j.t.1986 Well-Known Member

    i know i wasnt asked but, i came across 3 phenos in the 4 ladies i had.. my fav one smelled super earth and funky in flower.. after over a month in jars it has a great earthy/coffee/kush smell.. its very nice, id rate it top shelf for sure.

    one of them wasnt a stinker at all, but had a subtle fruity/funky thing going on.. not citrusy though..

    And the other was a stinker also, it was kushy/fruity finished up.

    all of them were beautiful and potent...

    the smells/tastes really developed/changed alot in the jar compared to on the vine, more so then other strains ive grown.
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    My SSDD‘s became way more aromatic in week 9+10. I harvested the top buds day 61 and 63 and let the rest go for two more weeks. Smells way more like some berries now!

    Serva Well-Known Member

    Before I would like to smoke it... don‘t wanna waste my time on popcorn :D
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    Tstat Well-Known Member

    None. No smell at all, lol.
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    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    not even outdoors under the big H.I.D. ?
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    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    Attitude had ASS back in stock this weekend. I could only afford 1 but got 13 single freebies with it 8)
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    GreenTools Well-Known Member

    I ran a super silver pearl, and actually had a few random other mutants from various genetics that had the same mini pearl structure....some were decent, but not great enough to keep....
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    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    did it clone well ?

    bleak303 Member

    Wow! I will have to pick some up then for sure! I appreciate the reply! I will definitely be on the lookout for a pheno like that!

    Serva Well-Known Member

    In a legal state maybe... here it is already an attraction that I grow my own vegetables, no need to answer exotic questions :D

    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Illicit Monkey on the plate today to facilitate an illegal smile!
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    SonsOfAvery Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ran, or is currently running any SoulMate?
    This grow is many firsts for first Bodhi, first reg seeds, and will be my first attempt at breeding (or pollen chucking if you prefer).
    I have 2 males that I am currently flowering, 2(ish) weeks ahead of my ladies so far.
    But I won't be able to keep them both in the space I have. Only room for one of these dudes to stay..
    alternatively my other option is to take clones of both of them and then continue to flower the clones, would this work? Or will I just need to 'man up' and make a decision on which one survives?

    GreenTools Well-Known Member

    I took 1 clone of each, but ditched them after I vaped them....typical clone time FWIW
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    mrrager420 Well-Known Member

    Anyone here have any experience with Axis (ik its pretty new), Pinball Wizard, SuperSilver Hashplant, and Mountain temple? Trying to decide what to order. Only choosing one of the last 3 i mentioned. I've had Jungle Spice and i liked it. Wondering how it compared to Axis. I like a 'functioning' sativa effect, not that confusing i can't focus type of sativa. Or if you know where i could find info on any of these would be just as good. Thanks.
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    McKringleberry Well-Known Member

    I don't have experience with any of those strains, but the Mountain Temple has always been one I'd like to try.

    How was your experience with Jungle Spice? I've heard nothing but good things.
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    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    I've ran a pack of mountain Temple and some f2s.

    Definetly the functional sativa type.

    It's one of my favorite plants in the garden. Highly recommend it. Saw phenos leaning both Indica and sativa. My keeper is sativa with chem structure. Decent yield, but a truly unique high. Reminds me of meditating on top of a foggy mountain or something. Truly special. Potent enough that it works for me (heavy smoker) but not overly potent for regular smokers. Just all around pleasant. Light feeder too. Sensitive to over watering and pH issues.

    mrrager420 Well-Known Member

    Jungle Spice was nice smoke. Nice bag appeal. I'm assuming it was def a Congo leaner due to the spice and pine smell. Def unique terps. Like spice and pine potpurri. Not IN YOUR FACE but definitely there. Effect was nice and clear if you didn't over do it. I would load a light bowl and hit the gym no problem.

    mrrager420 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. Sounds nice. I was low key leaning toward the Mountain Temple sense the dad is gone. Plus haze mixed with chem sounds interesting. I'll make sure i scoop these on my next grab for sure. Thanks for the feedback:peace:
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