blue dream haze question??

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    Sidvicious1 Active Member

    Heyy, I'm aabout to harvest my blue dream haze but checking the trics around the plant and getting alot of different samples. The calyc are swollenn but are showing around 15% amber and maybe 40%clrar 45cloudy. Some leaves right at the top will have live 50%amber. I fear of waiting to late But I want to get more cloudy coverage. Thanks

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    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    That looks close if not done yet.

    When you inspect trichomes, are you strictly under white light? Red/orange light can throw off the actual color of the trichomes.

    With tall plants and/or weak lights the bottom usually takes a week or two longer to mature.

    PURPLEB3RRYKUSH Well-Known Member

    Back off the Nitrogen, other than that looks dank, another week should be good to chop

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