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  1. Does anyone have experience with growing this particular strain from Blim Burn Seeds. This was a freebie UFO that i received from Attitude and I plan on germinating this next week along with my current grow.

    My main concerns regarding this strain is the below:

    1. How is the odor from the plant during flower. Its very important as i have my parents visiting me for a month in May (Flower time) :(

    If you have experience with growing this strain please share some insight.


    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    I hate okra. cn
  3. Any particular reason why you hate Okra Canna..?
  4. I'm sure there must be someone that must have experimented with this.

    Come onnnn... :joint:

    datguy Well-Known Member

    I think like myself, most who have it got it in the jan attitude freebies lol I got the Kobrales and their Super Automatic. Haven't popped them yet

    MrKringle Member

    So, by now you probably have some of your own experience on Orka. I got as freebie too. Any info you can pass on?

    lilboosie Well-Known Member

    2013 wow

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