Black Water (Cali Connection) smoke report

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    KLITE Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Once again from the autocultivation club grown in soil and organically. It's a cross between Mendo Purps (never heard about this strain anyone form California familiar with it???) and San Francisco Valley OG Kush. I've been hearing mixed feedback on Cali Connection but this is their 3 strain I'm smoking and the previous 2 being Tahoe OG and Chem Valley Kush, the latter being absolute napalm and the former a pretty banal kush so let's see...


    The appearance of the buds is quite an eye washer. Thick swollen buds bursting the seams and with an outrageous production of trychomes i mean the bag it was in seems to have had sugar in it. Pretty dark green buds with the scattered pruple tinged leaf and a few tiny light brown hairs. Denser than black matter for sure! 9.5/10

    The smell is almost an exact copy of the Chem Valley kush I had. It makes me think that the SFV Kush has a very predominant smell in its corsses since the genetics for both strains originate there. The smell most resembles a mix of earthy fine duck liver pate with just a tad of that fuel pungency some kushes exhibit. It has a somewhat floral after scent. Even though this smells very similar to chem valley i would say I prefer this smell because it has a slightly more complex body to it. This said I would not be going around telling people how great it is either. I give it a 6.5/10

    This produces a very smooth light smoke that feels great to burn down. However it has little to no taste! I can tell it was flushed propperly since it burned with no hassle and did not scratch my throat in any way. It just has the most bland taste in weed i remember. It might have just a tad resemblance to the smell but very tiny it just taste like you're smoking weed period. I give it a 3.5-4/10

    This got me quite! stoned. A very relaxed body stone with a ripping heavy head feeling. Surprising high considering taste and smell are mediocre... A very snoozy one in fact, i bet its great for sleeping but so are many other plants. Still quite a good example of a strong stoney strain. I give it a 7-7.5/10

    Overall I wouldn't say this is a great strain IMO. If anything you might actually remember it for being nothing special at all. If you are thinking about growing it maybe reconsider and have a look at other kushes I'm very sure it will be better smelling and give you a better smoking experience... But this is just how I interpret it. I give it a 5.5-6/10 I dont even feel like finishing the rest of this weed i have that much.. Not when I have Kali Mist, Chocolope, Critical Bilbo and MK Ultra to smoke no sir, which are probably my 4 all time strains(at this point in time) to start and finish the day in that order :joint::mrgreen:

    bigskymtnguy Well-Known Member

    I agree. BlackWater was OK but nothing special. I did three runs, and have now moved on to better strains. I do have a nice F1 cross between my old BlackWater and Kish. Call it SweetWater, and it if far superior to original BlackWater, very good smell and structure but not a 9+ in potency. Can't have it all!
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    KLITE Well-Known Member

    Ye there's a lot better things out there. If you are into Cali Connection and into kushes try their Tahoe OG. It's not the best yielders but what a smell and potency!
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    Progrow29 New Member

    I really do feel for you I've done alot of research to see if cc is any good...and I've seen terrible reviews and great reviews. An I gotta say blackwater is the truth ..although I got no purple pheno at all I swear this is some of the dankest stuf I've ever had..I finally got to taste some sfv og in iits best form..maybe because it was grown to perfection or the gentics are that good ..all I'm saying is if I were able to..I would clone 10
    Off of 5 mothers, and 10 more of those 50 lol..I cannot wait to run more cc stuff..riserva privada kandy kush, skywalker kush..g 13 blueberry gum Girl Scout cookies, positronics jack Diesle , and green house super lemon haze are strains everybody should try once they did great with those strains!!

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Thanks klite! I appreciate all your reviews! if you get the chance can you try god bud..

    KLITE Well-Known Member

    I've come to find the same you know... very mixed opinions... You are bang on the strains i know that you said.

    KLITE Well-Known Member

    Thanks pal. To be honest i love writting about things i smoke, i really wish i could write a review a week or so but i dont always come across something special or just not that interesting.

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    do it! We want too know which ones aren't.special!

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    san fernando valley og kush right? im thinking the san francisco valley kush is a crazy herm right?

    YourMaster New Member

    U got the wrong pheno or are doing somthign wrong mine taste liek straight grape and just wreaks! If u top it just right u can get her to produce also!

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