bit coins for dummies like me.

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    Stealthstyle Well-Known Member

    How do you get into it and how to use them?
    I understand the basics but arent they bringing red flags more than just uising cash.

    How do you use this form of currency

    DrUgZrBaD Well-Known Member

    It's untraceable currency how can it bring red flags
    Observe & Report

    Observe & Report Well-Known Member

    You are wrong, Bitcoin is totally traceable, that is the whole point. Every transaction is recorded in a public ledger so everyone can agree how much each account has.

    ZCash and Monero are untraceable alternatives to BitCoin.
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    DrUgZrBaD Well-Known Member

    Really? How did that guy steal so much then. I'm not well versed in this shit

    alwayslearning777 Active Member

    I'm interested in this as well, I want to buy and start using them.. do I have to just make a paperwallet and then go on a site that sells them and buy em and have them transfer to my paper wallet?
    I've been wanting to buy some for a little while now but start and then get confused since I'm not awesome with computers
    JM bullion will take bitcoin for gold or silver at a cheaper rate than dollars and clifhigh Webbot reports have me pretty interested as well

    alwayslearning777 Active Member

    When you buy a bitcoin do they just send you the private key and you just print it out?

    alwayslearning777 Active Member

    It's really not just for dark net lol, in my case you get a way better deal using bitcoin when buying gold and silver .. a lot better deal when buying bulk ... the world governments want to get rid of paper money, look what India's doing
    When that happens and more and more people get into it the price will rise so why not diversify and at least hold some stake in it?
    Especially since the USA Inc stockmarketnis going to correct itself here shortly wouldn't be a bad idea

    Fiat money will fail, historicly it only last maybe 10 years , we are going on 40 years .. history repeats so personaly i wouldn't put everything you have into it .. maybe I'm wrong and sry for the rant lol
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    NapalmZen Well-Known Member

    it is traceable but stupid easy to launder. i can steal $10k in bitcoin from a seed distributor in Amsterdam through a combination of .tor and a vpn and use it to purchase merchandise or trade it for a different digital currency anonymously from say Brasil and i just made 9-10k in a couple days without that money ever touching something with my name on it. hell, i can use an anonymous wallet for the transaction and "destroy" it after.
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    RodentOUS Member

    and DASH

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    Will bitcoin really go up to a million dollars?
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    alwayslearning777 Active Member

    I sure hope .. I'm worried about the hard fork nonsense personally ... I've been going with litecoin, etherium and a little bitcoin when i can ...

    alwayslearning777 Active Member

    Bitcoin at least has a cap pm how many are mined so if it catches on world wide and the masses get into it who knows ... ask the next ten people you see about bitcoin and chances are they have no idea what it even is .. I think it's got a long way to go .. I finally learned how sweep my paper wallets on to the exchange so I'm just learning everything

    brewbeer Well-Known Member

    All forms of money are "fiat". Whether it's paper USD, gold, or sea shells, it is only worth what people engaging in transactions agree it is worth. And ultimately all have the same nutritional value: none.
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    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    I had less than $20 in a blockchain wallet from 2014 and recently noticed the price had spiked so looked in on it and it's now worth about $200. I think this is the top of the spike though so I'm cashing out.
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    CaptainZack Well-Known Member

    could you get more bit coin with scheduled posts to social media ? .. i know nuthung about bit coin at alllll, i was thinking bout looking into it.

    i don't even know what they are, i know it's some sort of digital currency .... but my question is will posting 1000 of times day boost it up if i figure out how to 'bitcoin bro'

    I can get twitters up in the millions of impressions quick if this helps answer bongsmilie

    and i build auto schedulers to any social site from my email if needed.
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    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Most of the free bitcoin things, like mining or doing various promotional things in exchange for small amounts, are nickels and dimes, not really worth the effort. Had you mined some when it first started and saved them all up you would have been rich right now but those days are long gone. The only practical way to make money on them is to buy and sell, buying through a low cost format like direct deposit and selling through a higher cost one like PayPal. The catch being that PayPal can be charged back if the buyer is a scammer and doesn't actually pay. So you have to sell only to people with good reps on the sites. I don't know how much people actually make from it, probably not that many people buy through PayPal because it costs more, as I said. At least not people who buy frequently and therefore have good reps, maybe a few newbs.
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    CaptainZack Well-Known Member

    looks complicated and time consuming .... so i give in on the 1st youtube vid 'how to bitcoin mine for dummies'

    The bitcoin miner software looks like a different language altogether ... don't get this side of the net an i don't think am missing out either.

    Do people make a living from this ? like lambo living etc ? i just can't see it for some reason.

    alwayslearning777 Active Member

    Mmmm Idk about that, i see what your trying to say, but the definition of fiat is a currency the government declares as legal tender with no commodity backing it .. gold and silver are commodities, true neither have nutritional value but they can be used in things we use everyday computers, solar panels, medicine and since there is a finite amount and it takes time and labor to obtain them, the value is based on the work up front to mine the metals, fiat is givin value by the trust you have that the government will guarantee its value .. maybe I'm wrong but that's how I understand it

    Anyway super pumped I got into crytos mostly because of this post, my litecoin has been killing it the last few days
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    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    Some of the Pioneers are Billionaires. Amazing.

    davethepothead Well-Known Member

    Bitcoin is traceable. But you can make it harder and more difficult to trace.

    Mining them...good luck on wasting your time lol.

    There are a number of places to get them. There are apps where you can find people locally who will sell them to you or you can use a online exchange like

    Either way I'd recommend getting in now for the future. Its actually quite popular and with the way our society is technologically I believe this will be a major currency.

    Invest in BTC now and invest in marijuana stocks.
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