BioBizz Bio-Bloom Grow Schedule


Cool... I'm anxious to see how my girls will turn out! This is my 2nd grow... the first one wasn't so hot, but I'm doing a ton of stuff differently this time around.

Looking forward to those macro shots!


sorry peer i get this what it about used grow and bloom same time in biobizz but can i just bring up about dutchpro iav check chart it said i dont need add grow in bloom while flower???
cheer mraliens


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Which nutes do you have from bio bizz ? you need at least grow and bloom to bag yourself a decent harvest IMO.

Tell me whatcha got and I will give you an idea of a feeding schedule to use.

I have bio grow, bloom and bio heaven in my selection of nutrients, excellent stuff you just have to know how to use them.

The bio grow contains B vitamins and sugars that are necessary for flowering hense 1ml is used right the way through the schedule.

Gimme info I give you schedule ;)
Yo Mouse, I am about to start a fresh, just one girl under 6 cfls various kelvin, i will have the Plagron light mix soil, check it out here if you don't recognise the brand, it's just get light amounts of nutes and perlite already mixed and I will also be using Bio Bizz grow&bloom, it's an auto and I'm not sure how to use the nutes, can you help me please?

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Firstly sorry my english first :-)

I have very specific question about Flowering-outdoor.

I hope you guys can help me.

STRAIN: Durban Poison feminized (DUTCH PASSION)

My outdoor soil preparation was:

- Mixed soil (mixed with Commercial soil mixes – good quality )

- Organic briquettes for vegetative period (at the begening in soil, and then every 3-4 week, up to flowering period)

- Biobizz Fish Mix (foliar spray using, up to flowering period)

- Bat Guano (in dust)- in flowering start

Plants looks really healthy…. very green (I think because of foliar use of Fish Mix ). Plants are about 2 metrs high and very bushy.


They are in 3 week of flowering right now (hairs/flowers are in progress making)….

I used BAT GUANO(in dust) at the begening of flowering. I give them 100g each.

After 15 days I gave them 100g BAT GUANO again.

Now they start to flower more intense….


I am thinking to use now BIOBIZZ BIO BLOOM, up to the end of the flowering…

Starting with 1-2ml/liter…. Now in 3 week of flowering….

What do you think?

Can I give one more time organic briquettes for growing, that the plant will not start to be yellow? (or not use that any more)



Thanks in advance for your help…
Yeah massively, overfert will be your biggest problem being still new to this game :)

I would say you need it. But different people have different opinions.

If you follow the advice here I think you should be ok :)

Get a bottle of grow ! Its important !

Only feed a hungry plant, never feed something that isnt hungry.

Don't chase a million different deficiencies if you are using a balanced food its either too much or too little thats it.

Veg - Do not feed IMO but it is dependent on the size of the plant, if I am in a 10-20 litre pot of good soil I don't feed for the entire of veg (sometimes up to 3 weeks). I would not go over 3 ml if my plants did need feeding during this period. I do however feed additives for root growth, and beneficial fungi and bacteria.

First week of flower maybe start the plant on 1ml of grow ( they don't need flowering food til they have basic flowers) up this to a maximum of 3ml ish over the next couple of weeks and then drop it down to 1ml of grow and 1ml of bloom on your third week of flower you might want to up the bloom to 2-3 ml (keeping the 1ml of grow).

Around this time (week three) you may get a mag def using just grow and bloom, treat with epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) and that will be the last you see of mag def :)

Keep upping the food to a max of 4ml over the next few weeks but only up it when its hungry. A large plant (1 - 1.5 metres, multiple heads) with heavy bud growth will happily munch its way through 4ml of bloom and 1 ml of grow. A smaller plant will drown and die in an unpleasant overdose of food. Bear this in mind.

Towards the last couple of weeks drop the 1ml of grow (this is IMO I think it tastes better with less N towards the end and it also helps to bring out the colours).

Last week before flush pure bloom food, possibly drop the dosage to 3ml (maybe up it, its all down to the plant).

Final week pure water for a week :)

If you over do the nutrients at any point it will be fucking nightmare, just always keep them hungry. They grow faster like that as well :)

I hope this helps and do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Also check my journal out its in my sig :)

How much is in a cap full ml wise?
Whats your water PH ? any idea what EC or PPM or water/nutes are ?

It only takes a drop with PH stuff. I use about 1ml for 20-25 litres of feed to take it from 6.8 to 6.2/6.3. I run house and garden nutrients and I also run my PH a lot lower than most (I wouldnt play with the numbers most people use until you really get your nutrients nailed).

I hope to see some bud shots from you soon :)
How's it going. I have 4 hollands hope in the second week of flowering. I'm using the bio bloom, is it a ml of feed for each plant? And also how often do you feed? I usually only feed once a week. Any knowledge is appreciated. Sound