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    Bank: Bomb Seeds

    Strain : Big Bomb >

    A dominant Big Bud mother was carefully crossed with Bomb #1 to deliver a plant with massive yields and increased levels of THC (Medium (10-15%)

    gen: Indica/Sativa Mix

    #Bag appeal: 9/10 or yes a 10 just looks wonderfull, dark/blue hue very frosty with nice hair to frost ratio (95% brown hairs but still in peak of cloudy*trics stand out alot due to nice dark blue hue to bud)

    #Trichomes: 2% amber the rest cloudy, big patches of frost seems to clump in spots

    #Density : 10/10: omg how do ppl dry this stuff a G looks like a penny


    *Smoking Tool* = Water Pipe

    #Taste: 7/10: very skunky, hint of fruityness lovely

    #Effects: quiet cerebral, deff more of an indica sorta like stone/high a bit like a o.g kush high a lil less indica feel,seems to be a pump up feeling with a body buzz to match though holding the sativa back a lil, nice middle ground , deff alot stronger than i suspected (full time smoker high tolerance)
    very stable high, feel it in your face, body ect and deff have a cerebral mental pump from the sativa side but as i said indica effects outweigh it. very nice high I give it a 8/10 wasnt expecting to be this good, deff a high and a stoned feeling in one , also seems to keep creeping even though instant stone!

    #Duration: mental after 5 bowls 2/3 hours till come down, body lasts a good wile longer for pain :)

    #Strength: 8/10

    #Usability: all rounder, wont let you down, can relax after a bowl and not chain smoke morishly

    OVER ALL I GIVE THIS STRAIN A 8.5/10 , I know was not expecting it, thought it would be a 4 or 5
    deff one to put on your try list, great for pain
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    #Aroma: is bubblegum/skunk
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