BHO from Frozen Bud

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by guerreiroweed, Nov 29, 2018.


    guerreiroweed Member

    Hi, I'll be making a bho batch from a whole plant that became into a hermie, about 600 grams of frozen bud, considering that for 25g of dry weed we use 1 can of butane, should I use 1 can for every 100g of frozen bud?Any ideas for making the most out of this extraction?
    Also, later on, can I use the leftover product to make an alcohol extraction?

    Lund-o Active Member

    I recently did a run with frozen bud and ran 1 can per ounce. Nobody really gave me a good answer on amount of cans, basically depends how much thc is in the product I guess. One thing I feel like I did wrong was pack my tube too tight. I only got about 10% return from good bud. Better luck next time hopefully

    KLITE Well-Known Member

    You should always calculate by volume, Say if you have a 2l column volume 1600/1800 ml should do the trick, any more and youre realy just asking to extract more undesirables due to longer contact time.
    I find my extracts come ut best when the material was just about shown the solvent.

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