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    Which one is it? I want to collect/get as much trichs as I can.
    Maybe alcohol extraction? Then you make tincture or thick paste like RSO.

    p0opstlnksal0t Well-Known Member

    Depends on what you're after as far as final product. Room temperature ethanol wash will probably be the best yield but it will produce dirty crude and we'll need refinement
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    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Both alcohol and BHO extraction will extract the target elements that are available, and both extract unwanted non target elements.

    Besides what final product you covet, extraction lot size makes a difference, as it is easier to scale up ethanol extraction than LPG extraction. Above around 15/20 lbs, ethanol has the clear edge.

    Typically you would drop the extraction temperature below about -50C reduce the pickup of non polar molecules above around C-22 like plant waxes, b Carotene, and Pheophytin using LPG, and the polar elements like water and chlorophyll when using ethanol.
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