Best simple organic fertilizers

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Shadrock15, Mar 4, 2018.


    Shadrock15 Member

    Any have a simple recipe for natural fertilizers i can use.
    I run fox farm happy frog last run ai added thier strawberry fields blend to the hf when i repotted to flower. I used dyna grow for my first couple tries and I really dont think much of it. Last run was just the grow formula and only for the last 3 weeks of beg and then like week 2-5-7 of flower but i used cal mag almost every time. By far thisbhas been the best grow yet but I would like to hear alternatives to rhe salty nutes

    swaggersDlite Well-Known Member

    General Organics, it's super easy to use and it works!!!!!

    Shadrock15 Member

    Im soil grow theyblook like specificalybfor hydroponics

    clouds Well-Known Member

    it works in soil as well most products they say hydro just means its water soluble and available right away to the plant. dont know of any hydro nutes that cant be used in soil

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