Best Seedbank to order from in US?

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    Edit... I once recommended AWB Seeds.. Seemed legit.. Just popped 4 fems a few weeks ago..3 were males.. Sorry if my rec cost anyone money and time....
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    Man... better get ur shit together, AWB... jeez.

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    Very, very bad day. As those of u who have followed this thread may know, me and a couple friends recently completed a 3 garden run of NL5 Haze in search of keepers. I provided all of the genetics, via Swami Seed Organic Seed co. We decided to grow in 3 completely different styles, to see what she liked best. I did the “from seed” scrog run, my uncle did the heated green house run, my friend did the hydro run, with the agreement to share whatever we get.
    Well, the “from seed” garden was a total bust... a good 1/4 wouldnt finish, and quality was just plainly reduced across the board. One keeper (Indica pheno) in the hydro garden, 2 sativa keepers in the greenhouse with coots mix soil. Well... I’ve been getting a surprising number of requests for in person hook ups to obtain cuts. Also getting hounded to death by the people who have smoked it and want more lol
    So... I went to my uncles in Deer Park, and excitedly explain that things are popping off, a lot of interest being generated, and that I had some requests for cuts that I wanted to fill. After what it took to get this shit back, I want to do everything I can to ensure its continuance. Well, my uncle thinks differently. He flipped the fuck out, and said no, saying he grew it, its his decision, etc, then when I disagreed, he began accusing me of “working against” the group... *sigh*.
    So... I find myself now being shut out of the project I started, with beans I paid for. And he’s my friggin blood! Sorry... super demoralized, and didnt wanna have this convo a half dozen times... Iv got the indica cut, but am being screwed out of the 2 sativa keepers. Man, Ive been robbed by the cops... but never by my own peeps :( Be careful all...make sure u can trust ur partners. So devestated...

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    And a big middle finger to every grower who hoards the specialness for themselves! Spread that shit around, people! :)
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    Wow what a bummer. Sounds very selfish, and cant keep his word.

    It also seems he's the odd man out, if your friend with the Indica Pheno is willing to share. Youre uncle is the 1 working against the group, and the promised agreement.

    I woulnt take it any further though. Id cut my losses, and if he ever asked me for anything ever again, I would let it be known.....
    I wouldn't piss down his throat, if his stomach was on fire. I would go around him, and if I got some real fire, Id find some way to let him know I had the best shit around, and he aint getting it. But I wouldnt confront him, or rub it in his face.

    Id just cut my losses, and continue my quest ect, and let your hard work, dedication, and results speak for themselves.

    If he doesn't make it right, I would just avoid him, but would be really hesitant to ever trust him with my genetics, research, and time it took to find some of this shit. You did all the work looking for it, and paying for it, and waiting for the seeds to come in the mail.

    Really you had the most emotionally invested in it, though you only are 1/3 of the picture. Youre the original driving engine for the idea.

    Remember. You cant help it if people are assholes. Its not your problem, and life is to short for them to occupy space in your head. RENT FREE.

    Every partner except 2 have in 1 way come up short on their end of the deals. These 2 Ive been messing with since the early 80s, and everytime I veer off, and try something with someone else, shit goes wrong.

    1 partner got busted with 500 clones I gave him to put on his 2000 acre farm in Central Ky. Lincoln, County, and then they came after me, and got me for almost 600. They ended up charging me with all of them, as the master mind, and he got probation. I did 6 + years Fed Time Incarceration, and 8.5 years, Supervised Release.

    Mine was a Mandatory Minimum 10-LIFE x $3,000,000 - $5,000,000 fine, which was waived. 6 years prison x 8.5 years SR = 14.5 years.

    Also Ive found that for hardcore long flowering varieties, they sometimes have to be cut back to 14 hours of dark, and 10 hours light the last 3-4 weeks.

    How long did the longest go, that didn't finish?

    My buddy has 1 that's on 89 days, and is still going, but is ripening, finally.

    The 4 BOH we have goes over 80 days too, but does finish. But all these are to long for out purposes, though its good shit if it goes long enough.

    My 1 friend has 20 BOH females at 6+ weeks, and is still pheno hunting, but we will probably go on to something else. He may grow a couple plants per cycle. He has 6 1000w Hortilux HPS flowering lights, and my other friend has 2 x 1000w Gavitas for flowering. Both Veg with 1000w Hortilux HPS

    Heres something you also may be interested in, and a CUT I had forgotten about, that you mentioned a while back, and was probably what was in my original NL5/Hz x SSSC SK1 x Skelly Hashplant

    Remember... THE COUGH??? I know you do, and be damned if a week after you mentioned it, I found a hybrid of it, and is still in these genetics at 50%. F2 them, and go to friggin town.

    I actually found 2 hybrids of the Cough. Cough x SSH F3

    But for now am interested in the Cough x Oregon Huckleberry IBL:cuss::cuss::cuss::cuss::cuss::fire::fire::fire::fire::hump::hump::hump::hump::hump::weed::weed:

    I just ordered packs

    JamesBeanCompany in USA has them. Near you. I'm sure you know what the OHB is.

    I send cash, and have used JBC at least 6 times, with great service.

    Dynasty Genetics.

    Huckleberry COUGH

    The Cough x Oregon Huckleberry.

    Lineage: The Cough x Oregon Huckleberry

    Sativa/Indica: 50/50

    Flower Time: 9-10 Weeks

    The Mother of this hybrid, The Cough, is a very special clone only cut of an Old NL#5/Haze..
    I first received The Cough in the late 90s from a friend who moved to Oregon from Colorado.. At the time I was gifted the cut, I was told it was the original NL#5 clone crossed with a Haze Bros Haze that he had been growing in colorado.. He assured me this strain is NOT the same as the NL#5/Haze that came from Amsterdam… It is named ‘The Cough’ for a good reason, it Makes you COUGH… She has nice medicinal values, great yields and is Powder Mildew resistant… I’ve seen her in rooms covered with PM and she never once showed any signs of it..
    With her 12+week bloom time, she is an advanced strain to grow which made her close to extinct when everyone went for faster blooming strain as the Kush trend took hold of the scene…. I knew how special she was, and could not bring myself to let her go… Over 15 years later I still have the original cough that I was gifted..

    ***NEW RELEASE***

    Super Silver Cough…….11pk…

    Lineage: The Cough x SSH F3
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    Dude, super appreciate the encouraging comments... havent been this low outside of death or jail in some time... And hell yah! I am right the fuck on it! Good lookin out, appreciate the heads up ;)
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    Email off, rubbing hands waiting for reply lol
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    Keep me updated.

    Are you going for the Cough x SSH ? Theyre probably more closely related vs the cross with Huckleberry. I'm going for both, but am mostly interested in the Huckleberry cross, as I ( my buddies ) have a nice SSH, but probably not in the same universe potency wise. Though mine is very good. Theres wont out produce mine though. It produces, and grows as fast as any plant Ive seen since the 80s. Its just the potency is GOOD. Not Outstanding.

    I'm also they type that doesn't hoard genetics, or information. Now I wont give the enemy my stuff, and if I give someone something, and they give it to someone I specifically wont deal with, they will also be cut off. I have 0 tolerance.

    Some other stuff you may be eventually interested in. I got 5 packs each of these, and my buddies with start several very soon.


    You remember the 80s Super Sativa Seed Club of course??

    SeedsHereNow has these, and are in your neck of the woods, you lucky devil you. Also know, I'm in an Illegal State. They are $$$ though

    Dominion Seed Company
    Dominion Skunk
    VA 91Chemdog x SSSC Sk1 x PNW Skelly Hashplant x SSSC Sk1:fire::fire::cuss::cuss::cuss::weed::hump:

    Dominion Seed Company
    Granny Skunk
    VA Afghani x Skelly HP x SSSC Sk1:cuss::cuss::fire::fire::hump:


    Sis Skunk
    Chems Sister x Skelly x SSSC SK1:fire::fire::cuss::cuss::hump:

    For a 100% Indica... Old School SAME Genetics that Nevil had at The SEED BANK.

    Coastal Seeds Puck Yeah
    NL1 x Puck.... Puck is also the same as the Skelly cut.

    Coastal also has Black Domina x Nl1 hybrid., Romulan, Big Sur Holyweed, and several others from Nevil, and SSSC. But for now I'm collecting the others Ive listed below.
    The Skelly/Puck is a Lebanese Hash Plant clone only:weed::hump::fire::cuss:

    My thinking is Im going to have at least hybrids of these genetics.

    SSSC Sk1,
    Skelly Hashplant,
    NL5/Hz... The Cough
    VA Chemdog91
    VA Afghani

    Now, next up if youre ever interested, but you will have to watch for him to put more back up, IF he does. The 1s for sale recently are from packs people who never sent payment, so he puts them back up for sale. So far, I have 10 packs.

    Real Deal Club 81.Hells Angels Uncle Fester 1969 Skunk18 IBL..... and NOT the Modern Uncle Fester the Bomb, and Meth maker/Author ect. This UF was born in the 30s, was originally a college Psyc professor in the early 60s, and turned 81 Club around 1964, is dead, and passed his genetics to his Nephew, Master Thai who is well known in the Nor Cal Community, but is now being Black Balled for going back on his word about the RKS Genetics. He was supposed to release them in pure form, and went back on his word, and also was ripping people off.

    He has a huge ranch near Lake Tahoe also raises Akitas,, and is apparently. Loaded.
    MT is also old, and is retiring, but isn't a nice person.

    U Mello, also has the original genetics, did an Open Pollenation, and released them to the public. MT has hybrids for sale at GreatLakesGenetics

    RKS he says, 1.69-skunk18-ibl.png shows up in roughly 20% of the phenos. RKS is not in every plant. It also has Cheese, Floral, Onion, and others.

    I just got 3 more pack in the mail yesterday.

    Super Lemon Haze x 69 SK18 IBL were the freebies.

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    Oh, the ones that didnt finish went to 16 weeks. I just chopped & ran em to oil, I needed the space :/ But you may be right... at 14 weeks, I reduced the cycle from 12/12 to 11/13... at 16 weeks, pistils were still mostly green, and trichs were clear as a bell. Ive seen that happen with some true sativa land races Iv run... still not sure if its genetic, environmental or a bit of both. But yah... Me and my childhood friend (my partner whos still my partner lol) , are gunna split off & do our own thing. Running another couple dozen of Swami’s NL5 Haze & Dynasty’s Huckleberry Cough, the instant the beans get here
    Man, what a small world... I can count on one hand, the # of people I know who still remember “The Cough”... good lookin out jimi, for sure

    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Yah, Ive been waiting on coastal to restock that chem sis (sis chem?). And I will have to look again, becuz I didnt see the cough x ssh... But yah, they got back to me pretty fast. Gunna send em cash when he hits me back with the address. :) The UF is one that I dont have any personal experience with... but I love me some old school genetics for sure, I will definitely take a mental note. And I hear yah- the ssh (and the nl5haze, too, really) is one of the best overall genetics, imo. Structure, yield, mold resistance (never had a ssh or NL5 Haze pm or rot)... maybe not the fastest finishers, but for sativas, theyre more than reasonable.

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    Dominion Seed Company has the Chems Sis Skunk.... Sis Skunk, at SeedsHereNow.

    JamesBean has the Cough x SSH. Its the last strain on the list.
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    Right on...yah, he got back to me, and mailed off my cash order the instant I got the address lol
    Man, imo, the Oregon Huckleberry is in her own right, an absolute queen... never grown it, but when its been around, its always been one of the “pay the extra money or youre not getting it” strains. The Cough... Nothing I say is going to convey just how good this strain can be... amazed the actual pheno is still around!
    Now it definitely takes work, but I am confident in saying that Swami’s open pollination 91 Nl5 Haze seeds, DO have that same caliber of next level specialness, locked away in its DNA ;) Its such a dialed in strain, imo... quality, potency really improve when grown how it likes it best... and reduces noticeably when forced into a modern, “flower from seed” setup. After that last run, Im going entirely organic. :)

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    kristoffolese Well-Known Member

    Do you know if Great Lakes Genetics website is just down temporarily? Man, its going to suck if it’s permanent... Very, very much intrigued with the history & provenance of the UF 69’ Skunk18... they know wtf theyre talking about.
    But man, Dominion isnt playin’ either... they have an impressive array of old school fire, for sure... Im drooling! Lol
    Unfortunately, these days, my seed budget is so embarrassingly low that Im only able to bring in 1 or 2 packs a month at the $100/pack price point :/ Went with the Huckleberry Cough & “the cough” x ssh :D Beans coming from JBC as soon as they receive my money Shouldnt be too long, as they’re in-state :)
    But for sure, the intensely “chem” and “skunk” heavy lines are a main target of mine. Most especially, the phenos with that screaming rush & intense cerebral effect. Also looking for a highly resinous, fast flowering hash plant-type Indica. It actually sounds like you have something similar in mind ;)
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    KOS’s Fat Tuesday (Boggle Gum X 99 Kali Thai) & Iron Cindy (JBC) just jumped onto my seed queue :) Theyre unavailable now, but Im def gunna be watchin em. Never grown the Iron Cindy personally, but KOS’s Cindy 99 is def in my top 25. First off, the delicious,creamy, unique taste/smell is very consistent throughout the line. Its also one of the fastest flowering, “sativa effect” strains Ive ever seen. Consistently flowers in 55-60. 50-55 if u want it racey.
    Def determined to get my hands one of Coastal’s Hash Plant crosses...
    But the very top of my list is probably the 69’ skunk18,
    and Seeds of Compassion’s “Gorrila Biscuit”- Turpentine Sensi Star X Stardawg IX, as well as their “Tokyo”- Blue Orca X Gorilla Biscuit
    That turp Sensi Star is another of the face wreckers. Powerful, intense, blasting stone at higher doses, largely due to a very high ceiling... which is weird for an indica dominant genetic. It can be very dissociative, even mentally disorienting& mildly psychedelic. I love that kind of ride, myself :) Very, very intrigued by the Blue Orca X Gorilla Biscuit... MAN, I wish JBC sold single seeds! Lol
    And with Dominion... man, I just dont know where to begin. With $ being the obvious limiting factor, it is PAINFULLY difficult to choose one strain, when the strain you truly want is only available in hybrid, “mutt” form. Lol Absolutely ZERO negative connotations meant concerning quality- just speaking to genetic purity, repeatability of like-traits. It can be disappointing if youre after a specific trait from a specific strain, to buy a cross of that strain, and have it come out completely lacking said trait, or with an entirely different profile than you had hoped for. Even if its otherwise, high quality stress cabbage, you know? The cash and time that must be invested to properly pheno hunt & come to factually accurate conclusions regarding whats in a given genetic, are significant.
    Along these lines, if anyone has grown out, or even just smoked one/all/any of the previously mentioned strains, please share your impressions, for sure. Really interested in info like jimihendrix shared with his “RKS trait expression %” post. If a person didnt know that a 20% rks expression existed in a given line, they could easily pop 10-15 seeds, get 6 or 7 females, by luck, get nothing but sweet or average/earthy terp profiles, and make the mistake of giving up on the line. Some serious fire man, hot dang!
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    Anyone interested in Chem D or Starfighter genetics- Alphakronic’s Chembo Kush- Chem D X Kimbo Kush (Star Fighter X Blackberry Kush), listed on the James Bean Co website at $105/10 seeds... Well, weedtuber JJ Kitchen of “Uptown Grow Labs”, actually had Alphakronic stabilize/develop the strain for him, and the strain can be purchased directly from JJ for less than half the price. $50 for 10 beans.
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    I don't know about GreatLakesGenetics situation.

    The Nature Farm Genetics is where I got my Uncle Festers 1969 Sk18.

    Occasionally he puts packs up for sale, that people ordered, and didnt pay for. He also has a couple Hybrids of it.
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    Ok...Ill keep an eye out for sure. Got 2 of the “Cough” crosses from Dynasty. The SSH and the OR Huckleberry crosses. Really struggling to decide which of the Skelly Hash Plant crosses to pull the trigger on... Man, thats SUCH a valuable genetic for the “skunk-terp minded”- Intrigued with the idea of an F2 Skelly Hash Plant cross, crossed with a carefully selected, long flowering 91’ Nl5 Haze, or a keeper of the Cough X SSH. Buuut, I have to decide which Skelly cross to pull the trigger on, first lol
    For now, running some Blue Orca X 85 RKS/guad, “Yogi”, 91’ NL5 Haze at site 1.
    Site 2 is running “The Star”- A 20%+cbd strain from Adam Jacques out of Oregon, NL5 Haze, Blue Orca X 85’ RKS/guad, Critical Mass, and some good ol’ Granddaddy purple, as it seems to work specifically well for my ulcerative colitis, and has mild enuf potency to smoke all the time. Still deciding on an exact course of action with the “Cough” crosses :)
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    If I wanted the Skelly genes, with the lest dilution, it would hands down be the Coastal Seeds Puck Yeah. Its 50% Skelly. Puck Pheno, is the same plant as Skelly, just a different name. NL1 x Skelly. Nevil also used to sell this hybrid

    Anything after that would be in order.

    Dominion Seed Company..
    VA Skunk x Skelly x SSC1. GRANNY SKUNK

    Sativa Dom I'm torn, as Ive never grown either.
    Dominion.... Sis Skunk,
    or the
    Dominion Skunk.

    1 guy is going to start a pack of the Dominion Skunk, and a pack of Grannk Skunk.

    Buddy #2 is going to start 1 pack Sis Skunk, which may be all he has room for right now.

    6 weeks ago he started a ppack of Mr Nice Critical Skunk, and 1 pack Elemental Seeds Grizzly Kush, and still has 4 Swami NL5/Hz, and 3-4 BOH mothers, and is going to have to do some thinning.

    Buddy #1 also has 20 BOH at 6 weeks, and will be flipped soon, but I think the Haze/COUGH is going to slow my search for a good old school NL5/Hz if your success with is says its up to par, as I'm sure youll grow it before we will.

    Also keep me up on the BO x RKS as I had to destroy 30 x 2.5 week old seedlings a while back, and some of the nicest looking plants were the BO/RKS. Real Big leaves. Really long for the height/size of the plant, squat, very close internodes on most, and 1 was the best out of 103 plants as far as just a nice looking plant/seedling structurally.

    I also had to kill of a bunch of

    Coastal Puck Yeah
    Early Bird/M26 from old school SSSC genetics... Vashon has them as JamesBean. $40 a pack and 6-7 weeks flowering. Great terpenes Last Aug-Mid Sept finish outside.

    Mountain Organics ( More COOT genes ) Cosmic Lotus.

    Swami The One x PCK

    Swami Velvet Rush/NL5 7507SB88-3-copy - Copy.jpg 7507SSSC87-p4-copy.jpg
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    Man... Im kind of surprised that the Hash Plants - Skelly/PNW Hashplant & 88’ G13hp, etc, dont get more recognition for their contribution to the cannabis breeding world. I get its “OG EVERYTHING” now days... but damn... SO much fire has come out of HP’s.

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