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    Ive currently doing a grow and got the seeds from fast buds and heard that they are not that good and are poor clones of the orginals etc so im looking to get your guys opinions on the best seed banks and also what strains you like the best? some pics would be great also
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    Richard Drysift

    Richard Drysift Well-Known Member

    "The best" is a subjective term. Lots of opinions here so you'll likely get a myriad of answers. I have ordered seed from several international vendors over the years and found that the more local the source is the better. The more popular vendors sell a lot of dead seed; you have no idea how long their stock has been sitting on a shelf. Not saying they are ripping everyone off but there's a reason they give out tons of freebies; to make up for the ones that won't germinate. Some vendors like attitude make you buy shit you didn't need so as to get "stealth" shipping which is total bullshit
    If you are in the US try to find a domestic seed bank. My favorite is the canna genetics bank out of Oregon. They got fresh stock albeit a limited selection. Domestic banks avoid customs altogether; you'll get your beans in days not weeks. As far as strains go with a lineage you smoked and liked there's way too many good strains out there to pin down one.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Baked Beans Seeds or Greybeards. BBS is in the Northwest and Greybeard is in Colorado.
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    bezalom Well-Known Member

    back in late 90's I bought from Nirvana and last fall I bought some Nirvana seeds from Seedsman and all have done very well (along with other Seedmans seeds). Came in approx. two weeks in excellent stealth packaging. Would buy from Seedsman again (all my Mosca freebies came up also).

    next time would like to try a U.S. seedbank as suggested above
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    right right that makes sense was wondering why i was getting 2 freebies along with an order and yeh for sure i wouldnt pay extra for stealth packaging anyway

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    in Uk unfortunately this is why im looking for a good seed bank
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    yeh i heard seedsman was good in terms of trying to get seeds from U.S im looking for reputable seed banks people have been using to order from uk sites or direct

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    the rock

    the rock Well-Known Member

    TNSB true north seed bank has done me right

    medicallynecessary Member

    I had very good luck with 420seedguy

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    Sensible Seeds is in the UK. I have ordered from them numerous times. They have a rather large selection and carry seeds from many of the well know breeders. I'm in the US and have gotten seeds in under a week. If you're in the UK In would imagine it would be even faster.
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    I use Sensi seeds through Herbies seed bank and never a complaint. You need to know your strains but for beginners the sensi skunk is a clear winner. Dutch Passion also highly recomended and you can go direct to Sensi or DP and cut out the middle men but this means no freebies.

    Freebies are fun but rarely a strain i want, beginners again use these as practice and keep what you ordered for your cycle.

    One intresting hardcore male only bank seems to be UGORG, expect killer genetics and breeding stock.

    I have had very few problems as have others in the last ten years so trust they are pukka.

    Do not use stealth packaging in the UK, seeds are legal to buy send and sell and the regular un-stealth packaging just looks like anyother mail item. Occasionally i find a small senders stamp but still totally legal.

    Do not believe the bad press as any contact ive recomended that peeps struggle with is more down to their own grow skills not the breeder.

    As always nature isnt perfect, expect the odd dud or retard :-)
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    If Uk growers havent seen this bank its worth a visit but no fems just regs :-)
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    debbie1950 Well-Known Member

    I've had nothing but success with Sensible Seeds. I have bought from them since 2009.
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    voodoosdaddy Well-Known Member

    Man I picked up Black Domina and Shiva Shanti, in Amsterdam a while back. Got a special and got them half price. Got Mexican Sativa, and a free 3 pack of reg Jack Herrer. Also got a pack of DP Blueberry. Have you tried any of these? I picked up some Black Domina bud in Amsterdam. It was kinda mids but great for sleep.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    BEST BEST...!

    For me for the last 20 plus years the Dutch they have been breeding out this THC for so long

    in time Uhmerica will exceed these Dutch guys but until the legal craze is over

    I'm sticking with the another 2-5 years I'll try these western strains

    but like everything else in Uhmerica will be the Hype

    avoid the Hype take a look at DinaFem RQS etc etc

    good luck
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Ive grown a few strains but mainly not that many, stuck on Sensi Skunk at the moment but long time with Super Skunk. Theres a good range of seeds under £20 for three fems or autos, i fail to pay much more thesedays.

    Dutch Passion Blueberry should be good by anyones standards, seen a lot of those grows but not by myself. The seed shop in Amsterdamn is pretty amazing too, always hot chicks who know their strains, think they were the first to put me onto Super Skunk a few years ago :-)
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Too hard to work out the American seed market, be better if just a few of the banks were there and a few of their strains stayed good but every other day more just gets pumped out, total pheno hunt imo and not much strain for your buck.

    I can trace most of my strains back with Dutch Banks and they have avoided pumping out too many new fire strains as well as carefully preserve the older ones for a fair mix.
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    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    Ch9 Seeds
    Blue Lemon Thai
    Super Haze
    Jack 33

    Underground Originals
    UGORG # 1

    G13 Labs
    Pineapple Express
    Blueberry Gum
    Lemon Amber Kush

    Sensi Seeds
    Jack Herer.

    Serious seeds

    Just a few of what I have Run ,and all have been real good to Germinate ,all produced well ,and the Bud was all ways high grade with them .Most are in my journals ,apart from odd one that I did before I started doing journals.

    Good luck peace

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    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    Dude you managed to find the blues Pheno in those Sensi seed skunk beans,There's a real light green colored Pheno of skunk that pops crowns of super stinky but sweet blueberry smell
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