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    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Was good everybody :), I've been hearing alot of talk on where can I get my equipment... Lights, nutrients, etc.
    I don't know if a thread about this has already been made but, I'll share my experience with the sites I deal with regularly.
    I'm always searching for the cheapest yet reliable site for certain things.
    All sites are known for a certain product that they have for da low and can't noone beat.
    Been ordering shit for 7 years and always find a new connect that gets it better than my last. Kinda like my bulk dealers.
    So here they are you might already know about them but many don't.

    Lights: Known for lights
    High Tech Garden Supply
    HTGS has good service and tosses deals when you call them up directly I haven't done that yet but people on here are getting deals from just calling up. They aren't good on nutrients tho a little pricey on that note.

    Shipping: Great usually shipped out the next day and there in 2 days.
    I've had free upgrades from them just because they were out of stock on my reg item.
    A lil slow on emails but phone call is a np.

    Fans: Known for Fans and bulbs
    Metal Halide Light Bulbs, Light Fixtures & Tennis Court Lighting -
    Businesslights has some of the lowest prices on vortex fans and ductboosters.

    It's crazy, they have inline fans going as low as $109. And alot of sites charge way more for the same fan.
    Shipping: is low only like $18 for my order Idk the flat rate there tho.
    Great customer service, got emailed back within the day.

    Nutes: Good deals on Nutrients
    Grow Lights, Advanced Nutrients, Hydroponic Supplies and more at Hydroempire

    Both of these are great sites for nutes not so well on lights tho(kinda pricey on that). Hydro systems aren't bad priced but I can't comment on that since I haven't ordered one from either.
    AN Sensi +2 ran me 26 a pop so only 52 for all 4 bottles from cheaphydro.
    Shippings is just like HTG supply 2days to my door after ship. And I'm in the south.
    These two site are in competition for the best prices when shipping is involved. It's like a couple dollars either way.
    There are no deals tossed out on either of these sites but it's cheap so I never really tried to cop a better price.

    Great customer service direct line none of that put you on hold sometimes I did get the answering machine so I just called back later

    Grow tents:

    This is a great site also they upping prices over there tho idk y. Probaly getting charged more themselves
    Homebox XS used to run $89 now they $100 but still cheaper than going direct to the Homebox Yahoo store.

    Hydroponics | Hydroponic Supplies is great for drip systems and pH meters and net pots small stuff like that.
    they don't really toss deals but do have live help. I think I'm going to learn how to build one tho cause it is cheaper.
    Shipping is sometimes slow(too about 2weeks for some items to ship out but due to out of stock) but it gets to my door so I don't truly complain.

    I hope this helps alot of new to buying or future growers.
    All these sites have strict privacy polices and are located in the US so gift cards will work for people who like to take extra precautions like me and many others.
    These are my honest opinions on all sites (I know it's kinda hard to read how I type but should be legible this time :mrgreen:). So I pass my knowledge onto others and maybe a few to alot of bucks ;)
    Peace:eyesmoke: gotta smoke this blunt too much typing.

    ceestyle Well-Known Member

    i remember having to memorize (-b+/-sqrt(b^2-4ac))/2a and recite it every day in algebra class all year. First one to do it in front of the class got extra credit. That shit worked ... I still remember it .. and occasionally use it!
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    camaro630hp Well-Known Member

    Dam mane i did not know u had some threads going

    great info

    u should check out my shit if u want 2 grow poppys
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    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    i might throw em in my backyard to go with the other reg plants i got going :) look better.

    thephantompain1990 Well-Known Member

    anyone want to teach me precal? im hopelessly lost, 2 weeks behind the class, a stoner, and i havnt taken math in over a year
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    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    lol i haven;t taken it in 3years.

    dvsdsm Well-Known Member

    You forgot bout the auction sites!!!
    ~ Camero kick some poppy seeds this way, I ain't smoked that shit since high school. Had a GF brake some out one night. Only did it once, she was like keep it up on the edge of the bowl once it liquefies, First good hit was so smooth, then it hit me. It was like somebody hit the mute button on my ass. I don't like a buzz that u don't feel in control, but that one was alright...
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    ceestyle Well-Known Member

    throw some seeds in the mail and i'll see what i can do ;)
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    ceerock Well-Known Member

    Good job mane .... madd peeps probably looking for info like this....
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    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    proly so i see the prices they pay for the same shit...
    and they could use the difference for something they need or cancel out shipping fees on something high priced.

    surprised not to see many replies but appreciate them all used to it tho;).
    As the same questions I answered are popping up everyday.
    Good Look tho cee
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    420swed Well-Known Member

    theres some good deals

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    I found more but gotta order from them before i post just dont wanna throw any site out there that I haven't even dealt with myself.

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    speedhabit Well-Known Member

    Good research!!!

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    good look;)

    captain792000 New Member

    great post mane.. + rep..... im definately gonna check out those grow tents for my next grow..

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    thanks bra I'll update with a good cfl site that i just got some fat ass cfls from in like ten

    Dr.KleenGenes Active Member

    I so thank ya mr.mane,
    this was really my first bad year as cut worms(bore a hole and eat a foot or 3 then anouther hole out)the fu*kers.But what i'm asking is how would it be for a small town,cuz mane i have to startover and i been thinking about indoors,as i have 2 600watters waiting for the new strains i have to order.But do ya think the small town show me is a bad idea or what?You have inspired me because i finaly had so many of my killer strains go hermie on me and it's time to get great genetics agin.what do you reccomend ineed some up high and head rush city(sativa)and some heavy pain killer strains for my osteo-arthritis,fibromyalgea,and so on,lol.God Bless ya mane and Peace.YourFriend, Dr.D.

    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Small town? I dont get what you asking.

    i dont know many sativas but A good Haze will do you well:D. check out attitude seeds they got alot of haze and sativas.

    but the knock out strains is Mane's specialty;)
    Aurora Indica
    Sour D havent grown it homeboy has and was killer
    Hindu Kush
    Thc Bomb
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    mane2008 Well-Known Member

    Small town you mean for distribution?

    mattaiyan Active Member

    another great thread, keep it up, your threads have help me out alot. thanks mane:leaf:

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