Best led light?


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Looking for the best led light you can have for a 5x5 grow tent.(money no issue)
also if anybody has used a Black dog led product let me know please


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i'd go with more than 600w in a 5x5.

I'd go with the chilled tech 1000w, mammoth LED has a 800w. if i was gonna get 600w i'd probably still go with Chilled, Thinkgrow or Gavita



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My personal choices, for a 5x5.


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My personal choices, for a 5x5.
Those are the same lighting options I would recommend.

T macc

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I'm really curious how that Gavita compares to HLG, watt for watt. I might have to order a couple for Christmas


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if anybody has used a Black dog led product let me know please
TrusmokerKing I have two Black Dog lights, a 200 watt for my 3'x3' veg tent and a 1000 watt for my 4'x4' flower tent.

In flower the colas are hard to the edge of the tent, it would be fine for a 5x5 tent.

If you decide to go Black Dog tell me and I'll see if I can get you a discount on a 1000 watt light.



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I just cant wrap my head around 2300$ for a light to cover 5x5, blackdog seems recidulously priced. Buy two lights with 90% the efficiency as those, buy all the gear for a second 5x5 and still have money left over.

Thats what id do anyway.


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theres no best. All the top of the line brands are about equal in efficiency and light output.

You just have to decide if you want to research a bit and take a risk with the alibaba lights or pay the premium for warranty on the HLGs, Fluence, Gavita, Chilled.

If you have high ceilings you can get the HLG or alibaba boards.

If you have lower ceilings you can go for the strip leds. The Gavitas, Fluences, Chilled, Alibaba strips etc.


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Isnt nextlight still 561 diodes? That would make it far from the best.
I really don't know. I've always thought that LEDs. Even high end ones, put the things too close together. I think you could get more coverage with same count if the were spread out over 20 or 30 % more area.


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Pretty sure Gavita is owned by Monsanto - that's a good enough reason for me to rule that one out.
I recommend California Lightworks - solarsystem 550.
They have an amazing warranty.