Best dispensary strain you tried last week-

Discussion in 'Arizona Patients' started by pharma farmer, Jan 4, 2014.

    pharma farmer

    pharma farmer Member

    I tried some blue dream, that has amazing flavour. I mean, you can taste sweet thick blueberry jam, and the exhale, the haze kicks the long finish into overdrive.

    The high?

    Not as great, but decent...

    botanistjjj Active Member

    you must have got a blueberry dom pheno, i always found the high from blue dream to be very satisfying and happy, although im a sucker for any haze so this is no surprise here lol.
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    HB DC

    HB DC Active Member

    The high? Don't know!

    The medinicinal value? Better question.
    pharma farmer

    pharma farmer Member

    Yeah, really-

    We really need to lobby for some lab certification oversight, and require everything to be tested.

    I'm not talking about inflated thc %.

    All dispensary bud needs to be tested for moisture, bugs, mold, fungus, bacteria, and maybe a comment about trichome coverage.

    I've been sold pot too wet to smoke, and so dry it crumbles into bug dust as soon as you pinch it...I've found spider mites, webs, and saw some bud with some pretty thick coverage of what appeared to be thrip shit... had some strange tasting but that looked moldy, all from az dispensaries over the past 6 months.

    On the bright side, I've sampled a few new strains lately, that I really enjoy from a local dispensary.

    I skipped over girl scout cookies for months, figuring I wasn't going to buy into the hype. But after I sampled some...

    I'm blown away with a choco-mint exhale, and a decent high.

    (sorry if I equate medicinal value, to feeling good or high)

    Azoned Well-Known Member

    trichs schmicks...

    labs have no interest in "bag appeal". Do the looks affect performance? NO!
    The labs should test for active ingredients and contaminates ONLY. Water content can easily be manipulated
    pharma farmer

    pharma farmer Member

    I'd say trichome coverage has a huge impact on a buds medicinal value.

    But curiously, I've purchased buds from AZ dispensaries that are labeled 27% THC, but when I get it home, and look at it under the microscope, there wasn't a single trichome. The medicinal quality was at the bottom end of the scale, since the only effects were a sore throat, and a headache.

    I'd love to learn how to better manipulate water content of my bud the day after harvest.

    Sure anyone can do it, once the bud is dried and cured, but I don't like buying bud that's supposed to be medicinal quality, and not be able to smoke it because it's not properly cured.

    If it's pre-packaged before it's properly cured, and stored a long time it could also mold-

    Azoned Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you can say that...not all trichs are created equal, though. Lab reliability is the issue, here. If those meds were truly 27%, trichs or should have a powerful effect.
    As far as pre-packaged....Sure, it will mold if sealed too moist.
    i can only say,"Welcome to commercial production methods. The dispensary meds WILL NOT get the loving care we give our babies.

    greywind Well-Known Member

    That's the truth. I stopped by Bloom to get my girl her free eighth (only reason we were at any dispensary). We ended up grabbing a quarter on top since their 25% off Jan. promotion made the meds somewhat affordable. We got Pineapple, Sno Cap, Big White, and OG Kush. They all smelled nice and looked decently grown & trimmed in their display cases. But upon inspecting and burning samples at home, I would say all but the Big White were improperly dried (no way they cured) and the accommodating aromas were lackluster compared to what they displayed. Overall rating: 2.5/5.
    pharma farmer

    pharma farmer Member

    I guess I'll be growing hydro tomatos, and buying my herb at the dispensary until the law changes. It sucks, but it is what it is for now.

    Can't legally grow tobacco without a permit either, and they limit the size of your plot.

    Hopefully someday AZ republicrats will get their heads outta their asses and vote for something similar, or to at least let medical patients grow a few dozen plants, and let the dispensaries sell to recreational users.

    But I'm not a lawyer, and don't have money, so I guess I'll just hope someone comes up with something worth voting/campaigning for sometime soon-

    I drove all over town, trying all the dispensaries, and lucky for me, I'm near the best one in town as far as quality. :leaf::-P

    They charge way too much though:sad:

    jcdws602 Well-Known Member

    90% of dispensary and club meds I have sampled have been mids and lower grade......always uncured and not properly dried.....though some may look pretty they smoke like ...well what they are poop.....

    The prices are pretty low at some of the dispensaries and clubs but I guess you get what you pay for.I've smoked mexican brick weed better than these 35 dollar quarters....what a shame : ( I feel sorry for those that have no other way of obtaining their meds and have to buy from these places.

    Chimone Well-Known Member

    I understand Arizona's feeling about dispensaries and with good reason. With that said, I spent the last year in Denver and I loved the dispensary scene there. Growers everywhere were taking them their meds and the acceptance rate was very low. In turn the meds were always top notch and usually around $150 an oz. Competition from the growers kept the bad meds out and prices lower.

    Here, it sucks. Granted this is the first year and it will get better, but man I dont even like going unless I have to. Fuck $20 grms

    Heirloom Member

    Without home growers eagerly growing new strains and enlightening people on quality, the prices will not go down and the bud will remain constant. Arizona is not, and unfortunately will not be for sometime, a market where patients who have been exposed to high grade medicine should shop. 95% of the medicine will be grown synthetically simply because anybody can grow weight with advanced nutrients and that is why its being used in computer automated grows, quality comes second or even third. It's no secret all the herb gaining notoriety, winning awards across the globe and testing off the charts is now being grown with organic/veganic practices. (Highest testing strain out of quasi AZ med testing is veganic, the second is vegan- organic) Facts are typically disregarded in Arizona.

    Trichometry101 Active Member

    2017 and shit is even worse. The dispo weed is absolute garbage across the board. Soaked in sugar, most of it. Zero oil content. Full of chemicals and mold sprays.

    Brix+ bud, mmm boy! Lactose bud, yum! Haybale nuggets soaked in Sweet Shitrus Buttcandy and Floranalnectar, yeehaw! Cutting Edge Sour Dee is my favorite AZ strain! But I also like Protek Blueberry Final Flush. Great genetics! Them Blueberry Flushmuffins!

    Dispensaries every 24 miles. How convenient! Lowest prices are 175 for weaker-than-brick premie Neemie buds? Alright! Go AZ!
    Flavor? What's that! Weed doesn't have flavor! Just dump essential oils in your res! And more sugar for extra sugarfrost and sugar weight! It looks like 30%thc to me with all that sugar trich, just put 35%on the label, will sell like hot cakes! Lying is just business man!

    Just don't let the idiot customers find a freakin seed in an ounce, they will throw a fit over a fuckin seed, while smoking sugar drenched dark green nitro premie bagseed bud! If it's too dark from the nitrates, just use more sugar water to turn it white and frosty! And put it on the top shelf, that sugar crust from the sugar water i soaked into the roots is definitely some trichomes that showed up 2 hours later! Yeah that fuckin molasses fertilizer man it makes your buds so sticky like molasses! What a coincidence, let's all flush with molasses! So healthy smoking them syrup soaked buds, part of a balanced breakfast. Tony the Tiger approved frosted flake bud!

    Yeah fuck you Az dispensaries! Fuck you stupid ass hourly wage retailer-growers, working the grow room and the cash register at the same time, hahaha, bunch of Brix+ using crooked CLOWNS! Telling customers that Neem soaked bud is "skunky" bud. These dispensary clowns have lost it! They never had it! I can't imagine how bad street brick in AZZ must be if this dirty sugar pesticide premie bagseed shit is supposed to be an improvement. Even the smokable stuff, if you can ever find it, barely matches the reggie I smoked in the no mmj backwoods bible belt stick states I've lived in. More potent from a dispo, but who gives a fuck. The high is ruined. Bitter Weed Face is an instant buzz kill. Seems everyone forgot how easy it is to change the buzz. Just smelling the shit makes you mad. Chlorophyll or Sugaree dugaree doodoo buds.

    Paying 17 dollars for something that taste like an average brick from Mexico.. Super reggie! Wish there was more of the smokable super reggie in dispos, so my mailman could stop being my weed dealer! But Id rather pay 80/oz for great tasting average reggie with a great buzz, or 200 for potent Cali mids that taste amazing , than paying 350 for strong reggie with the same or weaker buzz! Trumids! Super reggie OGs, but oh boy do they use the fake terp shit on their REGGIE Sativas. Chemdawg my asshole! Green Crack my brown crack! Sunset Sorbet al la Terpinator spa soak!

    And they pay off the DHS to stay off there backs. Cant sell food over Facebook, but make some mold and chemical Infused weed brownies in your bathtub for the dispensaries, no problem! Health inspector, what's that!
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    Inhaledeep New Member

    I had cannalope Haze from Monarch dispensary in Scottsdale and that stuff was pretty good. I also got some Silverback from another place that was all right but too much Indica for me. I prefer the sativa strain. I'm working on getting my medical marijuana card for PTSD.

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