Best Diesel Strain Available

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Vonkins, Nov 29, 2016.


    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    I had some G6 Jet Fuel that was INTENSE from the first puff. My friend lost the cut unfortuantely
    Compound Genetics is a hope to have the cut in the gene pool,fingers crossed. They are out of PDX and I live in Tacoma. Hoping PNW love comes through
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    AmericanGrower508 Well-Known Member

    You are going to need luck with all the bad Karma that comes with those seeds. I hope whoever joined up with Tiger to form Compound knows exactly how little you can trust him. Anyone who impersonates some1 else to get cuts, then steals his Street Sweeper male aka Chem D x ECSD ibl while Ink is in hospital with his dying Dad. Is a POS.
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    Ilikebigbudsnicnnotlie Active Member

    I hope your Skywalker is better than mine came out. Did everything right and if you ask me it was mids at best. Worst strain I've grown out of at least 20.

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    They got me for like $180 back in 08', lol. I had sent cash for several Nirvana seed packs at $25 and all was good so I sent in 180 cash for some serious seeds AK47 and a couple more nirvana packs and they decided to score that cash instead. I ain't mad though, that's the price you pay to play the game.
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    Vonkins Well-Known Member

    Got one out of 5 that is straight kush goodness. I' thinking better than my tahoe cut

    Vonkins Well-Known Member

    Headbanger will be done in 5 days. Smelliest strain I've grown. Still got some black dawg to grow too.
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    Ilikebigbudsnicnnotlie Active Member

    Blueberry headband

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    Vonkins Well-Known Member

    Any blueberry terps there?

    GrowerCy Member

    Red Diesel from Hunters Coffeshop in Amsterdam . Such a strong high :)

    Pikespeakbud Member

    my favorite diesel strain is Reserva Prevada- super sour alien. Of the strains I run it is the crowd favorite.
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    psychadelibud Well-Known Member

    I'm running a gifted clone of headbanger that was labeled "headbanger #5"... It is a OG leaning pheno. They are in the first week of flower as I speak and this is my first run with her (I have 5 in 5 gallon grow bags) and the stem rub smells pretty damn strong...

    Which pheno did you get? Do you have info and pics? I am very interested in the one you ran...

    I have to say, though, out of all the gifted clones I received (gg4, skva chem'91, 413 chem, headbanger #5 and the Stardawg "Corey" cut) the Corey stinks way more than any other plant in the room as far as acrid pungentness goes lol...

    Anyone familiar with Corey? Can't find a whole lot of information on her.

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