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    Anon618 Well-Known Member

    I really had to think if i wanted to post this due to the fear of some of you old school guys calling me an idiot, but i will post anyway.

    Im a noob grower, only have 2 grows under my belt, so i have scowered youtube and rollitup for help.
    When i was learning how to dry and cure my stuff i ran across a guy who has been growing for over 40 years.. he told a story about some plants he had hanging that he forgot about.. and months later he found. He said it looked like rock candy .. and when he smoked it it was the most amazing shit he had ever had.

    Fast forward to my first blue dream grow. Grow went well, and i wanted to try this guys thing.. so i left 1 branch in a back closet and just laid the branch in a box so the flower wouldn't touch anything and get moldy.

    Well, it was an anniversary with me and my chick yesterday, and since it was a Wed, we stayed in and i said hey i have that bluedream in the back closet that has been sitting there for 3 -4 months.. lets try it. Honestly, its was the best tasting shit i have EVER smoked and it was as strong as an edible..way better then the stuff i hung and cured in jars. Thinking since this bud was never touched/ or touched the side of a jar, ect, the trichomes where all there.

    On your next harvest take 1 branch off, trim the buds and leave the buds on the branch and "put in away" in a cool dark spot and leave it there for a few months. Give it a try and see what u think.

    Let the idiot name calling begin... starting .. now!

    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    Happy Anniversary..! :mrgreen:
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    Anon618 Well-Known Member

    thank you Beachwalker! 20 years!
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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

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    meangreengrowinmachine Well-Known Member

    I saw something similar from an old school guy saying he gets the BEST smells when he leaves them to hang and then dry trims... sounds like something to at least give a shot! I know some old school guys that have just been growing so long they done care lol they only grow for themselves and chop the plant take the large fans off hang and leave it until TOTALLY dry, then it goes in a bag.. end of story lol no fancy curing burping or anything. and let me tell you that shit is FIRE (if a bit harsh smoking all those sugar leaves lol) worth a shot! and congrats on your successful grow, anniversary and welcome to Troll it up! (-;

    vostok Well-Known Member

    No Biggy No Brainer

    Long and Slow is what 'we' all say

    I've been growing for over 40 years

    again no biggy

    as you are on your second grow I wouldn't call you a Noob either


    good luck

    Strudelheim Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing. I guess it could work just as well, but it would depend from one situation to another maybe? Like if it was 30% RH and 90F in my closet, versus 60% RH and 70F for someone elses. Just another noob here speculating.
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    Wilksey Well-Known Member

    Stopped reading there....

    Aolelon Well-Known Member

    Why? Because new growers have nothing to offer? Everyone started out somewhere.

    InTheValley Well-Known Member

    Hey, he spent more time typing and thinking out this comment, so you still win, lol..
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    at 90f and 30Rh and toking that very same weed

    you'd be coughing hard on each toke

    lungs don't like totally dried out weed

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    Strudelheim Well-Known Member

    Exactly, I was giving those 2 extremes to just point out that this could give good results as the OP has shared, but it does depend on those 2 environmental factors of each individuals closet.
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    Anon618 Well-Known Member

    I meant to post this but forgot. This grow was dried after a winter grow. Temps where 55-65 degrees and around 40 percent humidity. After smoking the stuff I hung and cured in jars, I am going to skip the jarring process completely. The stuff i jarred is so much harsher , doesn't taste as good, and it doesn't get you as high.

    So hang/ jar, burp multiple times a day for the first week, ect or just hang and then place in a cool back closet and wait for a few months.. for me the choice is simple.
    I have been thinking about this a bit and i think the issue is once you pull the bud off of the stem its game over.. u have no choice but to jar, but when i removed the buds from the branch that was left in the back closet, the branch was still pliable. Pretty sure it cured perfectly on the branch and i lost ZERO trichomes due to jarring/ moving it around.

    For all of you who read this, please take 1 small branch off and just set it aside in a cool dark spot for a few months.. just give it a try. I think you will be very surprised of how much better your weed will be with far less work.. with the trade off possibly being more time until you can smoke.

    meangreengrowinmachine Well-Known Member

    it seems like you are basically just using the closet to cure which sounds like is working better for you then jars. if its not broke don't fix it I guess!

    Schmarmpit Well-Known Member

    How big was your plant that you hung up? I'm just wondering how months at 40%RH did not turn that into dust. Even hanging my plants whole in the winter-time, I've got to do everything I can to slow the dry down to a couple weeks. Sounds like your closet has perfect conditions.

    Anon618 Well-Known Member

    I only tried this with 1 branch. and yes i was very surprised that the branch was still pliable. The bud was perfect to smoke right off the branch.

    I hung the pant for 3-4 days and then set the branch in a box in a back closet. I will try to replicate on my current grow. Im pulling it down this week.

    Strudelheim Well-Known Member

    I suggest for the sake of exploring this further, continue to do both methods, even if its just one jar with a half zip or something. If you can replicate your results consistently and provide data points you may have a new method. Anything can happen once, for any reason really.
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    Anon618 Well-Known Member

    the plant i will try it with is a just a small bluedream that i FIM'd the shit out of so it looks like a little bush. I will keep notes on exactly what im doing so that if i can get same results i will report back.

    If this drying goes well, i will apply it to my big plant that should be ready in about 1.5 mos.

    Ou8aCracker2 Well-Known Member

    Whole plant untrimmed hanged for 10-14 days in a 60°f room with 60% relative humidity. Then dry trim,paper bag or jar and burp.

    Shouldn't rush months of work just to have smoke, the drying curing process is just as important as how you grow.
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    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    Pretty much how I harvest now. I will not water the plant for some time while it's still flowering under the lights. It starts to dry out really good then I'll put the plants somewhere else usually in a dark spot. Kind of a set it & forget about it kinda deal, then I chop & straight to the jar.

    No more hay smells & it smokes a lot better than when I harvest by the conventional means. Sometimes the buds turn golden like they have been cured for months. I still have buds not in jars that smokes really good. Im definitely glad I got out of trying to do things a certain way & do what works best for me.
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