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Discussion in 'Montana Patients' started by d spot, Nov 16, 2010.

    d spot

    d spot Active Member

    I'm moving to Missoula in about a month and I was wondering which doctor to go to. Some I see ridiculous prices between $200-$300 for a visit and some I have seen for about $100-$150 but just not in the Missoula area. Just looking for someone to point me in the right path. Thanks and keep blazin'
    DJ GreenThumb

    DJ GreenThumb Active Member

    Dr Chris Christensen in Victor, he is a few miles out of Missoula but he is the friggin man. That is where I and many of my patients got their cards. Hit me up if you need meds ;)
    austin orr

    austin orr New Member

    i am holding a clinic on january 31st. cost is $85 for renewals, and $100 for new. Space is limited. will be in person face to face no skype. located in kal;ispell
    Montana Geezer

    Montana Geezer Member

    Montana Caregivers Network in Missoula is probably the cheapest in the county.

    Arsehole Well-Known Member

    Please don't support those bastards. They have done so much harm to MMJ in Montana, they need to go away.

    They are the cheapest because they have (had before they got raided) hundreds of forged physician recommendations. Story here

    Stay away from them.
    austin orr

    austin orr New Member

    i think geezer is right but there is a dr in kalispell holding a clinic once a month-rumors of $70 renewals. dnt know what it was for new.
    austin orr

    austin orr New Member

    not defending anyone here but there are some good people at MCN. Everytime Christ takes his pipe out of his mouth the media uses what comes out against us. Must remember the outfit is a nonprofit-after reading the missoulian on the 17th one starts to wonder who will be running the place in a year.

    But on another note lets not forget who really started the traveling linic caravans-THCF and Montana Cannabis.

    not defending or blaming-lets just not forget.

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    Some dispensaries are somehow selling cards to new clients, for as low as $35, as long as they sign an agreement to buy from them.

    georgiagrower Active Member

    Is there any good doctors in kalispell for anxiety and panic attacks?

    hightmud Member

    in kalispell no...but the doc is in bozeman and i know ppl in kalispell to set you up

    bigskymtnguy Well-Known Member

    OK, Montana patients...anybody have a recommendation about recent or future clinics in Missoula?

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