BC now accepting pot shop applications

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    Posted By: The Canadian Presson: August 11, 2018In: News, Top Stories
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    The province is now accepting applications for those wishing open a pot shop in B.C.

    The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch has posted guidelines and materials online for applying for a private marijuana retail store licence.

    Recreational marijuana is set to become legal on October 17th and the province plans to have a mix of public and private stores where cannabis can be purchased.

    The branch has also issued a second call for more suppliers to come forward after signing agreements with 32 licensed producers last month.

    The Hippy

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    • Before a licensee can order cannabis products, they must register with the Liquor Distribution Branch. More information can be found by visiting the Liquor Distribution Branch website
    • Licensees can only sell products purchased from the Liquor Distribution Branch
    • Licensees will need a licence number to place an order
    So much for free enterprise.....So if your a micro grower....Sell to Lp's who sell to the the liquor distribution branch...who sells it to stores......nice greedy middle man chain.
    Good luck squashing the BM like that....hahahaha
    I wouldn't waste my time in that system. Nice fixed pricing for stores as well.
    Too bad BC ..you lost your dispensaries to this shit model. Nothing but LP schwagg and over priced micro weed.
    I'll just get my apple from the tree thanks....lmao......suck it trudy groper dancer.
    No apology from you....none from us when you fail!
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    The Hippy

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    Yes ...you can lead a horse to water...but you can't make him buy your greed schwagg.....lmao
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    Yeah I'd say it's impossible with a horse, but there are a few jackass's with money too.
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    I was talking to the owner of our dispensary yesterday about it. They are applying for a license to stay open and she claims she has a bunch of her current suppliers who have applied to be micro-growers. She wants to sell only bud grown locally by small growers like she does now...we'll see.
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    So all that changes is the " NEW " middleman...too funny. This will be wonderful for the consumer and the stores profit margins. Either the store increases prices or lowers them and lives with the new reality of less profit per gram. Not to mention the competition low balling shit.
    Like I say..same old game....new mouth to feed....suckers.
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    Knowing someone in the BM is gonna be more valuable then ever in the new greed system.
    Silence may become golden again. Food for thought guys.

    Can you say micro grow right out the back door..........opps...we only managed to grow 40lbs this year .....
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    That would kind of defeat the purpose....as you well know, this is all about control, or the appearance of control so we can protect the children and stamp out the black market...I think it may be some time before the grower can sell directly to the consumer...sadly....
    ...and what are your friends going to do if they don't get to do it their way?....and as a second thought, why would a micro want to sell to a LP and why would a LP want to sell other people's goods when that's what they're in business for-to sell you their product.....
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    I see LP's buying product from micro licensed growers (craft growery) and then selling that product at a higher price than their own and justify it by saying "well it's a craft product produced in small quantities which makes the cost of production go up" or something to that effect

    TL;DR LP's buy craft cannabis and sell it for more because it is craft cannabis ... they gonna make more money off of this setup
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    WHATFG Well-Known Member

    Bingo!...and the government controls it....
    The Hippy

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    Not if we don't buy it.
    This is the key to failing it...stock up on BM folks and starve the LP's to death.

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    out of everyone I know,, no one buys shit shwags from an lp
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    Micros can sell direct, they do not need to go through an LP. They can sell to the board directly.

    BarryBwana Well-Known Member

    Micro growers are allowed to sell?
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    he.s delusional

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    its not what was said

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    You get a micro grower and micro processor license, then you can sell packaged product to the Liquor Distribution Branch.

    You could also get a license for a dispensary, but you'd have to buy it back from the Liquor Distribution Branch - lol
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    There will be complaints of product being damaged and contaminated during this onerous process. Hopefully, that will be enough to change things.
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    Has anyone been able to get those micro licenses or have they been stalled like LP applications?
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