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    Whats up guys... it was about time to trim one of my bamboo clumps; and i thought id show u guys how to spread the love by recycling the bamboo cuttings. yes cuttings...!? yup all that stuff you throw away when you trim your bamboo is like throwing away gardener gold. if you have it at your house already then you like it; so why not plant more, give some to your friends, or teach your children about business by trading clones for donations to add money to their college fund or to buy school supplies? thats what i did. my 3 and 4 year old pick cuttings, fill pots, add mykos, compost, mulch, and check for soil moistness on their own. my 4 year old starting talking directly to people this year (on speaker w/DAD there of course). I wrote down several questions and went through them with her many times over a years times whhile she was learning how to clone. she introduces herself, asks how many, then asks if they need delivery or pickup, then dad writes down the info, and she closes with a sweet 4 year old "thank you; youre gonna love my plants."

    So anyways to the write up... if you dont have bamboo at your house or dont know of a place where wild bamboo is then skip down to the middle. dont steal bamboo, some people use it to add onto their house so they will likely protect it.


    This is my lil clump i trimmed for winter. i usually toss cuttings during winter but its warm in ca this winter... go figure right? so my babies and i decided to do a second chop8). so trim your clump to how ever you want. save what you cut off; any size works if its healthy.


    Geee.... looks familiar ehh?!8) so after you trim youll have something like this. i put some juicy compost on the bottom of the bucket so the cuts can soak up some goodness and not dry out. these ones are short but this works with big poles too if you can support them and keep them moist enough. were putting them in 1 gal so we like a several shorties (6-8inches) and a couple tall cuts so the roots can grow together and make a clump. the short ones should root faster so when those have new growth youll know the big ones will root soon or have already.

    Pot up... we used old supersoil and threw in some dry meals and mykos. topped with our compost and mulch. we fill half soil, 1/4compost, and 1/4 mulch.


    Then cut or carefully snap branches at or below the node. try not to crunch the stem and peel excess skin upward. the branch on the left if thicker so im going to leave that alone. the other is skinny and has more branching. you can either stick em in the dirt like that or cut the into smaller clones if you want. I cut the skinny branch into 2 clones. One shortie with several branches and left the top portion alone. i like to have short bushy ones next to tall ones to fill the space.:blsmoke::lol:

    Before we stick the cuttings into the soil we clean the bottom off, sprinkle mycos, and stick em in. i like to put them in symmetrical shapes because the roots will grow into one plant eventually. in the first pic i made a triangle and in the second i did a line. if i had more cuts id do a square or circle etc. thats pretty much it.


    If you can keep them off the ground and blocked from wind that would be best. i put mine next to my dryer ducting so the steam keeps mine moist:hump:. or my kids spray them with the spray bottle. when its, cold like freezing, i spray some stuff from hd that prevents frost for a day.

    Hopefully youll spread the love next time you trim your bamboo and teach your kids a thing or two in the process. bongsmilie

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    Careful with bamboo

    alot of places are passing laws outlawing the stuff, some even making the owners pay for removal of where it intruded onto neighboring property's.

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    farm out !

    I have a dozen or so hybrid Bamboo x Willow trees 75 feet tall now. they grew 4 feet in some years, very nice trees.
    get your kids pic off of the marijuana site aye

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    I appreciate the suggestion about the pic of my baby. But im 100% legal in a state where recreational weed just got voted in. In my state this is basically a gardening website.
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    I cant wait till the day I'll be comfortable doing so, its coming....
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