Bad stomach pain immediately after smoking.

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by Uncle Justin M, Jan 26, 2017.

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    Please hear me out, allow me to give you some background information so that you can give me a real answer to my real problem. A few years ago I used to smoke weed at least once every day for a couple years and never had any problem. I stopped while I was in college to study better. Now, for the past 6 months or so I have smoked about twice a month. There have been a couple times where it didn't happen, but mostly it does every time now. Immediately after I smoke, within seconds, maybe a minute, my stomach starts to hurt. It starts gradual and then becomes very sharp. I have just been ignoring this pain in the past. But the last time I smoked 3 days ago, it hurt so bad I almost went to the ER. And trust me, it takes me a lot to go to the ER (I never have before) because I work there. I'm no whiny baby when it comes to pain. This HURT. I was pacing bath and forth, and drinking lots of cold water, it seemed to help. The intense pain went away with probably about 10 minutes. But my stomach felt sore afterwards. This sore feeling has always gone away after a few hours and definitely by the next day. Now it has been 3 days and my stomach still feels very sore, it is extremely uncomfortable and scary. Now, I am almost positive this has to do with my stomach or GI at least and not heart or lung related because this also happens if I just eat edibles, but, the pain is delayed of course. So my questions are... What the heck is going on!? I am a medical person, and, this doesn't even make sense to me. I have read about how some people have stomach aches the next day or morning sometimes, but this is different, it's immediate. And as far as I know, a lot of people use weed to cure stomach pain. I love weed and I don't want one of my joys of life to be gone. Please help. Thank you.
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    Do you take any pain meds or other meds on a regular basis??

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    Maybe you're not ready to relax.
    Check your diet, then your with Dr.
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    I can see eating it maybe causing some gastric upset but how smoking it could cause your symptoms I have no idea.

    Are you sure that when you get high you don't laugh so hard you bust a gut? ;)


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    I'm thinking it's not actually your stomach, but your esophagus. Many people confuse the two.

    It may be that you are inadvertently swallowing smoke. That's not at all good for you as it will inflame the esophagus in a huge way. Some people actually do it to a point they will burp and smoke will come out.

    The first thing you need to do is take extra care when you smoke. Make a conscious effort to inhale and exhale smoke from your lungs smoothly. If you're coughing a lot, you're swallowing smoke. You can count on it. Take smaller, more controlled hits if you have to.

    Another thing to try before you go off the deep end is take a Pepcid AC or similar heartburn relief medication about an hour before you plan to smoke.

    I still honestly believe though that you've been swallowing a lot of smoke all along and over time your esophagus has simply said, "that's enough of that shit" and hit you hard over it.
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    Pot makes my bowls move

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    I think you mean "bowels". LMAO!

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    Yes i did

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    First joint of the day has me running inside to the toilet lol wouldn't say it causes pain but definatly causes something in the body that makes me want a shit :P

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    Yup makes your body relax are yea

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    That's precisely correct. A great deal of constipation is caused by stress and anxiety. The muscles tighten up so much in the abdominal area that it's pretty much like putting your entire digestive tract in a vice.

    When you're relaxed all that tension eases up and the strongest muscle in your body (the rectum) takes over as it should.

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    I sometimes get bad acid reflux from smoking (relaxing the muscles responsible for keeping stomach acid in its place) but I've never gotten a stomach ache from the ganj.

    Let us know when you find out what's up!


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    Hydroponic bud almost always pains my stomach. I used to think it was high potency low flavor and meaty buttery strains. But eventually concluded its the grow method.

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    Thc delays gastral emptying. Its the reason Chrons patients use it. So I would consider its something else in your crop making you poop. Probably the same thing that make most peoples hydro churn my bowels before it even kicks in.
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    Oh goodness. Cannabis eases my tummy pains. I am sorry this is happening to you.

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